Sunday, March 8, 2009

Once Month Ago.... There Was A Yawn

Once Month Ago.... There Was A Yawn. There was a light. There was joy. There was hope. Once month ago, four weeks ago, 28 days ago, we were desperately believing on something, just to hear the following day a horrible term: brain death. On February 09th, our world ended, our lungs stopped breathing, our hearts ached, our souls died instantly. Luis passed two days later, on February 11th. And all those inexorable feelings, questions, doubts, fears, anger, sadness, sorrows, took over our lives, the lives of his wife, my children and Luis' youngest - 3-yo to be on St. Patty's day - his mom 85 yo, his brothers and sister, myself....

Luis was an exceptional being. Extremely kind; generous; honest and incorruptible; never followed a crowd or a trend for the sake of a good opinion or acceptance; only followed his solid principles and values; rebel in some sort of way; bright with an unique engineer mind; responsible like none; quick on his feet; ingeniously clever; smartly facetious; lovable.... He walked the talk and left behind a distinctively example in everything he did.

Around 1985 Luis wrote his epitaph. Though some lines are extemporaneous, the one I always loved, and certainly written in stone, is valid 24 years later and till the end of times:

"To my children, my example, if not the best, the only one"

Luis, I am not sure if some part of us died with you, but for sure you are alive with us, and your soul, love and free spirit will never leave us. We love you forever, and ever. And as my favorite Irish poem says:

.... until we meet again
may God hold you in the hollow of His hand.

God Bless You.

With David, 1982

With Diego, 1983

With Alejandra, 1988

With Camila, 2008