Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Naked Run

For all these past 5 years I have been saying I don’t like running, that I only like and love racing. Oh, if I could have 3 races a week I would not even have to think about running. Summer is the only season that makes my life easier offering races on Fridays and sometimes Wednesdays. And as I really didn’t like running, I have trained as minimum as possible using Furman’s plan because it calls for three days a week. While Furman paces for the long runs were hard to hit, I still did OK.

I had a fantastic 2011 when I PRd all the distances. I had been very happy with my performance, but I truly believe that I have more in the tank… but how to get that fuel out of the tank? I asked myself if I would dare to train more often which was a tough question for a person that was convinced she didn’t like running. I thought that putting more miles indeed would make a difference, so I planned to add mileage to my feet and legs. Now, how I am going to get out the door to do this? 

And on January 2nd, at the first race of the year, Michelle shows up on stage.

M: Are you Lizzie?
L: Yes.
M: Hi, I am Michelle from Puyallup.
L: Oh, Michelle, how are you doing?
M: Fine, I moved up here.
L: Oh, really? Let’s run together.
M: Cool
L: Let’s start in February as I am running Houston, and currently working 60 hrs a week for an important milestone at work.
M: Deal

Then magic happened. A sort of spell was put on me.

4:45 am alarm goes off and 3 days a week, or 4, for the last month and a half, I’ve jumped out of bed, for a snowy, wet, cold, and dark run. I just dress very warm, and go like if I am a kid to be taken to play in the park. And now, I can only say that I love running. And after all, all those miles have paid off in a great way, giving me enough endurance to beat my own personal records, time after time.

But it’s not those broken PRs what make me say I love running now. It is the company that has made running easier, lovely, and enjoyable. I got something I didn’t have before. Every morning each run gives room for a talk about the full moon, our wonderful kids, our adorable husbands, about friends, studies, work, faith, family, movies, books, jokes, food, races, sharing a happy moment, sharing a sad moment. It’s when we are out there no matter how crazy the weather is feeling the delicious rain or snow on our faces. It is when we are out there literally hitting the pavement with the world at our feet. It is when we are out there performing the best of our runs.

There are no pressures, no masks, no pretensions, no time to be measured. It is a trouble-free run. It is The Naked Run

Double Rally Until A Cure – Back-to-back Half Marathons

03/10/12 – Yelm, WA. After discovering the week before (PR 2:06:13) that I could start less conservative, I went and cranked up the HR to 85% from the start. It worked. I PRd by 3min 23 sec for a 2:02:50

1-     10:07 – 147
2-     9:44 – 153
3-     9:44 – 152
4-     9:35 – 157
5-     9:30 – 155
6-     9:41 – 156
7-     9:22 – 158
8-     9:20 – 163
9-     9:21 – 157
10- 9:04 – 167
11- 9:14 – 157
12- 9:07 – 171
13- 8:45 – 174
03/11/12 – Orting, WA. I decided to go easy as my legs should be tired for the half marathon the day before. No, I didn’t go easy. I went as my body told me to go. I got another PR, this time by 3 min 15 sec. It means than in a week I PRd the Half distance by 6 min 38 sec and got the joy of breaking 2 hours: 1:59:35

1-     9:25– 152
2-     9:20 – 149
3-     9:26 – 153
4-     9:31 – 150
5-     9:32 – 157
6-     9:23 – 159
7-     9:01 – 160
8-     8:47 – 161
9-     9:04 – 156
10- 9:07 – 158
11- 9:26 – 161
12- 9:03– 162
13- 8:53 – 170
03/17/12 – 10K St. Paddy’s Run Tacoma -  I knew that I was in shape to bring a 10K PR, I ran hard, and I got it. 54:16 for an 8:45 min/mile pace. A PR by 2 min 06 seconds.

1-     8:46 – 145 (HR misread this first mile – went from 90 to 160, to 80…)
2-     9:01 – 156
3-     8:46 – 163
4-     8:53 – 165
5-     8:27 – 173
6-     8:38 – 176
      6.2 – 1:44 - 176

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Dream On

A 15-miler race that reminded me that the amount of runners that are nice and kind are the majority; that while I let a mean and rude runner I met in the lockers to screw up my race, I let another great woman to show me that I can do what I believe in and that she was there to help me.

Weekly runs in the dark, cold, and wet mornings, that are nothing but fantastic, with a more fantastic company.

A Friday long run, an 11-miler, to relieve all accumulated emotions from the Memorial of slain Trooper Tony Radulescu. I stopped the run only because I had to go to work; I wanted to continue kicking the asphalt because today we are here, tomorrow we don’t know.

A Half Marathon on Saturday, running the first half of the race with an adorable young woman. An unexpected PR of 2:06:03 in very windy conditions - up to 50mph, and with supposed tired leg.

Sing with me, sing for the year, sing for the laughter and sing for the tear. Sing with me, I’m just for today; maybe tomorrow the Good Lord will take you away. Dream On.

Bremerton 557. Out of Service. Gone But Not Forgotten
15-miler Ft. Steilacoom
With Ginger who rabitted me the last 3/4 of mile at 8 min/mile
Run For The Honeywagon Half Marathon. With my niece Angie, who falls into the perfect definition of A True Person