Saturday, June 19, 2010

Aqua World

The good news: the ITB serious issue is pretty much gone. My PT has used the Graston technique which in simple words "scrapes" scar tissue. In only two sessions my ITB pain is 80% healed. I still have some pain at hip level where the ITB starts, but it is totally gone along the leg to the knee. Thanks Ben!!! and thanks to the foam roller.

The bad news. The bone bruise... is still there. The way of knowing is standing up putting all my weight on the left knee without using the right leg. The pain is right there in that little hole....

Because of these standing issues, my PT and the doc insist in NO running or weight bearing activity. My major concern is that my 16-week training plan for NY is scheduled to start the last week of July... How do I get there without running for 2-3 months? Well, my awesome PT sent me to the pool... for aqua running... which is said to be the training closest to running. This activity, done with a water belt in the deep side of the pool, may compensate for the missing running and help me to keep a decent base to start my marathon training with decent shape.

"The basic technique is similar to jogging (recovery running). The idea is to reach out with the leading leg and pull it through the water strongly and evenly. The trailing leg needs to be actively pulled forward (because of the increased resistance of the water) at the same time. The front foot should "land" in front of the body's centre of gravity. Keep the knees "low" and actively flex the rear foot at "push-off." Arm action should be as for land running.

"The elimination of weight bearing makes this an ideal method for rehabilitating or conditioning injured athletes, particularly those with foot, ankle, or knee injuries for whom running on land is contraindicated."

As an obedient patient, and after so many weeks of frustration, I finally decided to change my running world and went for pool shopping. I have done aqua running four times now, 2 hours each session, and I like it. I always have loved pools, so the water is very appealing to me and it is not bored at all, though... I'd rather be running....on the road... and my races... I miss them so much!

Anyway, I am playing with this set of cards dealt to me. I am in my new world: Aqua World.

PS: I am also biking twice a week at a light effort. I don't like it at all...

Thursday, June 10, 2010

A New Pink Look

I am a blank and white person. Clothes wise, and personality wise. It is or it is not. Period.

But once a year, I forget these self-imposed chains and my life becomes pink. It's the Race for the Cure Day.

It is not only Susan G. Komen's life celebration, but the celebration of the life of all women of the world that live, have lived and/or died to breast cancer. 

It is the day when men wear tutus without causing amazement, or dress in pink from head to toe to honor grandmothers, mothers, wives, daughters, family members, friends.

It is the day when a 5K means a path of sharing with beloved or unknown ones. 

It is the day when a rainy day doesn't mean a crappy day, because it is better than no day at all. 

It is the day when I go and share my triumph because I am alive. 

It is the day that I dare to leave my confortable black and white world to make my debut with A New Pink Look.