Monday, June 17, 2013

Landing On The Sun, 52 Half Marathons In 52 Weeks

On August 20, 2012 I wrote: The next adventure translates to reach the hot, round, and yellow star that is above us. And with that I will secure a special place in the asylum sharing with nuts individuals that will continue doing nothing else than piling more Half Marathons underneath the bed. There will not be any more movements towards anywhere, no other dimensions, no other solar systems, nowhere, just moving around in circles around the star because when I arrive there I will become one of the Masters of the Asylum and I will be fried. 52 Half Marathons in a year... 

Landing On The Sun: 52 Half Marathons in 52 Weeks has become a matter of fact. I can say that I am glad I did it though I hesitated several times on continuing doing it. The major challenge of all was not being at home during the weekends with my hubby, and not having any day to actually sleep in. Though most of the races were in Western Washington and relatively close, just the fact of getting up early, drive, run, drive back, shower, eat, and nap, made the whole weekend day unavailable for anything else. It's done now and I loved ALL the races. I am taking a well deserved 3-month period of not racing. I’ll keep running and I may race only 2 or 3 short races at most before my next Marathon in Ohio (Sep 21). So, if you are encouraged, come and visit. It takes time, but it feels great up here, and HOT!

The greatest thanks to my hubby for his unconditional support. 

Here are the stats for this 52-week cycle which started and finished with the same race: Berry Dairy, in Burlington, WA, from 6/16/12 to 6/15/13.

Stats: 52 Half Marathons in 52 weeks. 46 in Western Washington, 2 in Eastern Washington, 2 in Oregon, 2 in British Columbia, Canada.

Fastest: 1:45:23 – JBLM, Lakewood, WA - Sep 15, 2012
Slowest: 2:08:58 – Lake Sammamish, WA – Mar 09, 2013
Average: 1:55:00

Favorite Race Overall: Capital City, Olympia, WA (tough decision between Capital and North Olympic Discovery, NODM, Port Angeles, WA – didn’t like the profile of the latter).

Favorite Course: Edmonds USRA, Edmonds, WA
Least Favorite Course: Labor Day, Redmond, WA

Favorite Shirt: NODM

Favorite Bling: NODM & Capital City
Favorite Division Award: Seattle, Tacoma City, Capital City, NODM

Hilliest: Edmonds USRA, Edmonds, WA & Round Mountain, Naches, WA
Flattest: First Call (Spring, Presidents & Veterans), Bothell, WA

Most Scenic: NODM  & Round Mountain, Naches, WA

Wettest: Abbotsford, BC, Canada.
Driest: Sage Rat, Sunnyside, WA

Coldest: Veterans Day, Bothell, WA – 11/10/12 – 30F
Hottest: Moon Run, Olympia, WA – 7/7/12 - 84F

Closest: Edmonds, USRA – 7.5 miles – 15 min
Furthest: Helvetia, Hillsboro, OR – 207 miles – 3h 20 min

Hardest: Lake Sammamish, WA (Very sick during that week, 80 hours without food before the race.
Easiest: Edmonds, USRA (definitely, hills is what I like)!

In My Heart: Seattle