Monday, August 20, 2012

I'll Follow The Sun

Week 9 - Phase II - Core Workout: Anaerobic Threshold -
08/06/12 - 08/12/12 -
Week Total: 60.9 -

And after carefully traveling through cosmic space, planets, and galaxies, I got to Mercury. It took 28 Half Marathons in half a year. Tacoma Narrows was the culprit.

The next adventure translates to reach the hot, round, and yellow star that is above us. And with that I will secure a special place in the asylum sharing with nuts individuals that will continue doing nothing else than piling more Half Marathons underneath the bed. There will not be any more movements towards anywhere, no other dimensions, no other solar systems, nowhere, just moving around in circles around the star because when I arrive there I will become one of the Masters of the Asylum and I will be fried. 52 Half Marathons in a year, so I need 24 in the next 26 weeks.

The count started with Summer Series at Magnuson Park, but a couple of short races with high goals, my marathon in October, and winter in the middle of the endeavor, all threaten the challenge.

Now the time has come, and so, my love, I must go, and though I lose a friend, in the end you will know. One day, you'll find that I have gone, but tomorrow may rain, so I'll Follow The Sun.
Magnuson Park by Lake Washington was the perfect location for a race on a sunny day. Hubby dropped me at the boat launch, he went fishing, I went running. Though hot - 68-70F, I ran a good run with good splits (I definitely learned how to run in the heat), 1:54:09. After the race, hubby picked me up at the boat launch and we went boating to Lake Washington and Lake Union to admire from the water my beautiful city, with the most gorgeous (rare though) sunny blue skies.

Heart Rate Monitor didn't work (this gadget and I are divorcing imminently). I was on my own. I followed my guts.

1- 8:49
2- 9:18
3- 8:41
4- 9:17
5- 8:58
6- 8:50
7- 9:09
8- 8:32
9- 8:11
10- 8:40
11- 8:36
12- 8:32
13- 8:20
13.1 - 0:50 (8:20)

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