Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Mile That Saved The Race

Week 11 - Phase I - Build up - Core Workout: Hills
 07/23/12 - 07/29/12
 Week Total: 52.5

On Sunday 7/29 I went to a race without a major plan. I needed to log 17 miles so I went and ran 4.2 miles before the race; then went for 1:55ish. HR monitor was somehow screwed and started to act up, so I decided to drop it and ran by feel, but when I run by feel, I run too fast at the start… and then… I lose ground, and then… when I am normally passing people, people are passing me.

At mile 7 I was in 1:01.This was OK if I was running negative, but I was already struggling. At mile 8 two people passed me. I know what that meant. My paces were slowing down by the minute. Then 3 people, and 4, and 5. My horrendous positive splits faded by the mile. At mile 11, 15 people have passed me. I was running poorly, but after seeing I was almost at 10 min/mile I decided to give it a push.

Two girls that I’ve passed at mile 4, but passed me at mile 9 were not too happy when I approached them at mile 12. One was faster and was leading the other one. I accelerated. She did too. I think they must have communicated because all of a sudden the first girl started racing with me. Maybe she got a sign from her running partner “Go get her”? The race started. I told her “Come on, give me a battle” and she did. We were head to head for the whole final mile. I was about to puke. At mile 12.9 I told her: “It’s all yours”. I had to give in. If you see the splits you’ll understand how bad I ran and how tough the last mile was. I clocked 1:56:52 for 8:55 pace.

Thanks to this girl I ran The Mile That Saved The Race.

After Anacortes Half, a protein shake, a protein bar, a shower, a nap, a potato, an egg, a piece of bread, a nectarine, Olympics with Hubby, then to run another race the same day. One of my favorite: 8K/5 miles Seafair at 6:30 pm. Got me a nice PR, 41:21 - 8:19 min/mile. I took advantage of the first 3 miles, because last 2 miles were tough. To climb Alaska Viaduct, then Broad, and 2nd Ave to the finish line. Fun, tons of people. I finished among the top 5. (Yeap - 4th place)

1- 8:16
2- 8:28
3- 8:46
4- 9:06
5- 9:08
6- 8:43
7- 8:39
8- 9:01
9- 9:14
10- 9:36
11- 9:50
12- 9:09
13- 7:59
13.1 – 0:50 (8:30)
Anacortes Half Marathon - with niece Angie

Anacortes Half Marathon -with brother-in-law David

Seafair 8K

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