Sunday, November 6, 2011

Halloween Baby

I went to run my Halloween Half on October 29, while daughter-in-law was in labor. The chances were high that I’d change category from mom to grandma that day.

The race, put together by Bob and Kristina Salazar, was another of their many combo races that attract around one hundred people to enjoy any distance of their preference, from marathon, to a mile, including a duathlon, or a triathlon, depending on the location of the race. This one was done for first time in Lacey, making it new to all of us. The run would have no goal in particular as it was nothing but a training run of ~16 miles (I have already run 2.5 miles before the start). There were some funny costumes. I approached a cow and after knowing her pace, I picked the goal to chase the cow.

The gun went off, and we directed ourselves along a beautiful course flanked by gorgeous, super tall evergreens. I ran at a comfortable pace as a training run, with my regular strategy of running a mile at a time, and by effort.  The cow passed me from the beginning and I lost sight of her. There were three marathoners close but ahead, and I tried not to lose them. One of them had a very nice running form, and that was goodness for me as I tend to emulate. Just feet away of the half mark I saw the cow turning around, probably one minute ahead of me. I knew that I had high chances to pass her in the next 6.5 miles. At mile 10 I passed the marathoners (nothing to be proud of, they had to double the distance), and at mile 11.5 the heels of the cow were ready to be stepped on. I passed her and I pushed my pace to get my fastest mile. I crossed the finish line at 2:14:17 and completed my Half Marathon # 33.

I went to the car to check the phone, to only find out the text message:  “no news”. After eating the as-usual-great-food provided by the organizers I drove to the hospital, where the labor process continued to be slow. Because it was going to be a long night, and I live one hour away, my son told me to stay at his place. It was great to be able to help with some chores, and take care of Wally (the puppy).

The night passed between, getting up, checking the phone, and falling asleep. The baby was definitely in her comfy place and didn’t have much intentions of getting out. At 6 am my son told me my daughter-in-law had started pushing. At 8 I left to the hospital, and got to the lobby of the birth center at 8:18. Texted my son, and 5 minutes later, I heard “twinkle, twinkle, little star” melody on the hospital speakers. I immediately thought: “This must mean something”… And I got the text message: SHE IS BORN!!!.

Peyton Elizabeth Moreno, Oct 30, 2011, 8:23 am, 8lbs 11oz, 20 inches. Welcome to the world.

One day short of Halloween, but with my medal in hand, she is now my Halloween Baby.