Saturday, November 17, 2012

A Whole Month Off

I went into “no formal training” mode after St. George, UT. No speed work, no hills sprints, no tempo, just running for fun. Shorter weekly runs and my regular weekend Half Marathons, for a total of 4 HMs during the break.

#75 Poulsbo, an account of that race can be found here.

#76 Snohomish River Run Half Marathon, 10/27/12. Nice, cold and wet run. Though I went for a Personal Record (to better 1:45:22) I couldn't get it, I couldn't run faster. I got 1:48:33 (my 6th best). The race was fantastic and I got 1st place in my division and a large beer stein for trophy. 

The vertical lines in the picture are, yes, rain. Last 2 miles were Capital City type of pouring rain.
This race was run with 2 women in my heart: Jen, who rang the bell on Oct 25, (finished her chemo in her fight against breast cancer) and BethAnn who will be running Marine Corps Marathon while battling brain cancer. BethAnn has endured 2 major brain surgeries and is scheduled for a third next year. Her cancer has spread to her bladder, bringing on several more surgeries, and now she fears that she has a tumor near her larynx. This tumor was discovered a few weeks ago before she left for Kona IRONMAN which she successfully finished two weeks ago !!!

These are the type of role models in my LIFE! God Bless Jen and BethAnn.

#77 In Unity We Run Half Marathon 11/03/12, Green River Trail, Kent, WA - 1:50:27. - For first time ever I ran in a pack that stuck together for the whole run: Eric Hanson, Karlee Coble, Charles Finn and me (we were the front pack, with only one guy way ahead of us). After we crossed the finish line, led by Eric (who was second overall), Karlee and Charles continued to complete a marathon. Karlee got first female overall in the marathon with 3:56:18. I got first place female overall and third place overall.

Noteworthy to mention that we were off course for a couple of times, and we had to stop several times to figure out where the course was and return/come back. If I would've been alone, I'd probably still be running.
The picture was taken at 7:30 am... yes, it is that dark in the morning...
 #78 Veterans First Call 11/10/12, Sammamish River Trail, Bothell, WA – 1:58:38. Very tough run for me. I used the inhaler about 10 times the first two miles, then asthma settled. Too cold weather (30F) + asthma + running: Tough combo. Covering my nose and mouth with an ear-band helped me to reduce the likelihood of an asthma attack. You can't imagine all the weird looks I got from most runners... Thanks to all Vets for your service. MANY THANKS! I got 1st place in my division, 6th female overall. 

And this is how my running-break looked. A Whole Month Off.