Thursday, June 10, 2010

A New Pink Look

I am a blank and white person. Clothes wise, and personality wise. It is or it is not. Period.

But once a year, I forget these self-imposed chains and my life becomes pink. It's the Race for the Cure Day.

It is not only Susan G. Komen's life celebration, but the celebration of the life of all women of the world that live, have lived and/or died to breast cancer. 

It is the day when men wear tutus without causing amazement, or dress in pink from head to toe to honor grandmothers, mothers, wives, daughters, family members, friends.

It is the day when a 5K means a path of sharing with beloved or unknown ones. 

It is the day when a rainy day doesn't mean a crappy day, because it is better than no day at all. 

It is the day when I go and share my triumph because I am alive. 

It is the day that I dare to leave my confortable black and white world to make my debut with A New Pink Look.


ShirleyPerly said...


Lizzie, you look stunning in pink and that poster, my goodness, what an honor it must be to appear on it. You are my hero!!

Anonymous said...

your artical is so funny!! it make me so happy!! ........................................

Emz said...

This is an awesome post.

I loved it.

Thanks for sharing!