Sunday, September 16, 2007

Just The Two Of Us. We Can Make It If We Try

Phase II - Regressive Count - Week Eleven
09/10/07 - 09/16/07
Week Total: 25.5

My running partner (my beautiful daughter Alejandra) and I had this week a very close encounter, although still 7,000 miles apart.

She received 3 CDs I sent with my long-runs playlist. We spent 3 hours in the phone listening it together, and making comments about it: This is cool! This is too slow! Isn't this awesome? For being so young, you have a great taste for classic rock, girl, must be in the genes!

Also we completed this week almost a marathon distance between the two of us. Both ran our max distance ever. She did 10 miles, I did 15.5. It was tough for both of us.

My 15-miler was done on Lake Washington Blvd, following Seattle's marathon route.
My knees had the same pain that last week, "oh, patella, oh". Heat, ice, icyhot, fish pills, glucosamin, chondroitin, etc, part of the treatment. I still quite don't understand why, all of a sudden this pain, and I don't want to even think on how to add 10.5 miles to this package.

Alejandra had pain in the ball of her feet (metatarsalgia) and in her hips. She has been running with a terrible pair of Adidas running shoes, and being mom, so concerned, encouraged her to get new shoes. As she also overpronates, I recommended her the Asics Kayano 13, but she could not find them in
Bangkok & Chiang Mai, the two biggest cities in Thailand. As the Asics for underpronators (Nimbus) cost there $200!!!, we decided that I will buy the Kayano in the States and ship to her.

On Thursday I went to Road Runners by Green Lake and bought the shoes. Now our feet will continue running alone, but pacing sometimes the same music and feeling together the same nice cushion and comfort, and hopefully with less pain.

We need just to keep the faith on us.

Ale, just the two of us, we can make it if we try (and KEEP TRYING). I love you.



amp said...

Marre! tan hermosa, si no fuera por ti no estaria corriendo ni a la esquina...I love you!!!!

Petraruns said...

Lizzie Lee - what a great blog! I've suffered from knee pain (just weeks before my first marathon 2 years ago). I tried everything and kept it under control for the race, at least. Afterwards I went on a ChiRunning course (just google that or Danny Dreyer - there are lots of courses all over CA) and I haven't (knock hard on head) been injured since. It's fairly common and will generally go away if not pushed too hard and if you do all the nice RICE things to it. Good luck with it all - I hope my daughter and I will one day do the same as you and I am looking forward to following your progress..

Susan said...

I am super-impressed with this blog. What a beautiful thing!

I hope to one day have a daughter that I can run with!

Please keep up the super work.

ShirleyPerly said...

Nice blog! How wonderful it must be to train with your daughter though she's so far away.

Sorry to hear about the knee pain. My sister, who had knee pain as well as PF issues, also had some good results with Chi Running.

Hope you find something that works for you soon!