Sunday, November 25, 2007

Yes, I Am

Phase II - The Week
11/19/07 - 11/25/07
Week Total: 32.4

Ladies and Gentlemen, Yes, I Am. I made it, I did it, I ran it. I Am a Marathoner.

The first gift from heavens above was NO RAIN and a sunny day. Cold though: 37F / 2.7C.

I was there, calm (!) and on time, with only 4 non-continuous hours of sleep, and 3 layers of clothes (upper and lower), 2 pair of gloves and 2 ear-bands. Accompanied my son's girl friend, Shelly, to the start line for the half (45 min before the marathon). Then went to Memorial Stadium to walk to keep myself warm. At 8:05 am the Star Spangled Banner sang by a beautiful voice. We started at 8:15.

First miles were ok,
going through a very familiar shopping area, downtown Seattle. Then my beloved Mariners and SeaHawks Stadiums. At mile 4.5 we entered in the floating bridge (see both pictures below), it was awesome, Lake Washington was gorgeous. Fast runners were already coming back (they were between mile 7 and 8), hi5 to a guy with a funny Zorro mask.

Turned around in Mercer Island and in mile 8 (end of the bridge) my legs felt heavy. I think was the cold temperature. I was keeping a pace barely under 13 min/mile. My heart rate monitor broke or didn't work at all, so I could not rely in my HR to keep a steady pace. Then, in front of me the next 13 miles that I know by heart as I have run them so many times. I felt very confident. By mile 11, hi5 to Zorro again who was coming back.

By mile 13.1, Seward Park, (little promontory on my aerial picture above) I registered 2:53 so I still was in my training pace.

Around mile 17 I've slowed down to around 14 min/mile, but I was ok. Then at mile 20.5 came Galer where the elevation went from 50 ft to 200 ft in less than half a block, but I knew it well, I've done before. I ran it, as I ran Madison, a slight upward slope of half a mile. At mile 21 I took my disposable super thick sweatshirt and 3rd layer of pants off. I knew I was going to make it when I saw the clock showing 4hr 50min. I was really happy.

Downhill by the Arboretum and then another upward slope: Interlaken. Entered in a park that I've never run before and seemed endless. I didn't see anybody and I was wondering if I was in the Marathon route (I knew I was).

Mile 23: the crowd cheering with very loud music. I was in good shape. I put everything I had, well, almost everything. I wanted a triumphant finish.

Mile 24: I re-encountered a guy (Ezell) for 4th time and told him "Hey, look who is here... we are going to make it". He said: "Yes, I am celebrating already". "Me too, let's go, let's finish good", I answered, and he said "you go ahead, I'll catch up with you". I told him, "you will".

Mile 25: I was telling to myself: I made it... I made it... I thought of Ryan Hall's last mile in his wonderful Olympic Trials. Then Broad St.: a hill. I ran uphill, a cop told me, "look at you, running up hill".

Mile 26: Grabbed my phone and called my beautiful daughter: "Your Sprint services do not include International Calls". Then called my adorable husband, he answered: "Congratulations", I told him "I'm not done yet, but I will be in a couple of minutes".

And then, the most marvelous 0.2 miles. I sprinted them like if I was going to beat a world record, getting into Memorial Stadium at about 7.5 min/mile. The lady at the microphone said: "Here comes Lizzie and in very good shape". The cameramen were certainly impressed. I was running with all I had and I with a big smile and raising my arms, I crossed the finish line. Got my beautiful medal with these words from an organizer: "What a way to make the finish line."

I had my triumphant finish.
My time was 5:54:37 (13:33 min/mile).

Thanks God for being alive, thanks Alejandra for bringing me back to running, thanks hubby for your constant support.

I love you All.

PS: Ezell did not catch up with me!

And I found out that Zorro made the news in a Seattle's paper!!!


Maddy said...

Congratulations! You are a marathoner! Welcome to the club!

It sounds like it was a great race with no major hang-ups! Great Job!

I am so proud of you!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the great finish. I had a feeling this was going to be a good day for you.

Petraruns said...

What a fabulous race! Well done! You were so well-prepared for it - it sounds like nothing held you back. I am so impressed with you. Great photos too! Your daughter and husband will be so proud of you!

ShirleyPerly said...

WOO HOO!!! Sounds like all went pretty much according to plan, which just goes to show how well prepared you were. Congratulations on a great race!


CONGRATS!!! And thanks for sharing the excitement!!! Hope those knees feel ok!

Susan said...

EXCELLENT WORK! You seem to have been at ease the whole time -- and running with ease. Excellent running! Good training paid off, huh!?!

Way to go, Marathoner!

Nancy said...


You sounded awesome. Thanks for the inspiration. Way to go...

I'm all teary!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the marathon! What an accomplishment, and what a beautiful day to be out running (Sunny in November, how lucky is that!). I thought they did a good job with the water and Gatorade stations every couple of miles, and the free GU.

I was hoping to run into you somewhere before the start, but did find Wayne's Office Administrator (she was a spectator), and a couple of team members from the Hood to Coast Relay Team that ran the ½ too.

I was running with the same 4 to 5 people after awhile they'd pass
me going downhill and I'd catch them going uphill, and we were even on level ground. The run turned into a definite sprint towards the end (I wasn't supposed to sprint to the end since this was supposed to be a training run for me - oh well).

I liked the run through Interlaken Blvd. I'd never been through that
area before.

Great Job! What's next?


lizzie lee said...

Mike!!! Why you didn't tell me you were running!!! You were waiting for a sunny day, ah? Not fair.

Yes, the day was a gift. WHO WOULD'VE THOUGHT!!!!

I was in the start for the half for my son's girl friend, but you probably were close to the start line as you are Speedy Mike.

The organization was awesome (only critics is they did not have fruits in the recovery area… .drank a couple of chocolate milk and had a yogurt). The Seattle police super awesome. I didn't take the GUs because I had my own. I knew they only had 2 GU stations and I trained to have them every 45-60 min. Because my pace I needed them approx every 4 miles so I took them in the water stations 4, 8, 12, 16 & 20.

Mike, I felt so great. It was awesome. What an accomplishment for me this has been, you can't imagine. My favorite run was Galer (I always have loved that miserable slope) and Madison uphill, I was full of energy at mile 20, can you believe? Before turning right toward the Arboretum, I took my 3rd layers off as I was ready to display my number. I read once from the greater runners that the marathon race starts at mile 20, and that exactly happened to me. If you would've seen me going through the finish line you would've been amazed. I was. I had a lot of power that I kept for that moment. I always have loved sprinting and what best moment to do it than that!!

I liked Interlaken too (ran it before), but didn't like the park (never ran it, didn't know how long it was, got me crazy).

What's next? I need to get in better shape, legs' strenght and speed. Shari found my core very weak. I am planning on working on short distances for the first 5 months of the year and participating in as many 5K as I can. My goal ? A sub-30 for a 5K, that's 9.6 min/mile, ambitious goal, but I am ambitious. I believe I can do it as my best 3.12 in training was 10:15 min/mile. My best 8 miles were done in 11.25. Then after May, to start long distances again and do another Marathon. Not sure if Seattle, I would like to do another state, maybe Oregon. Or another country? There is a couple in Victoria and Vancouver, BC. I don’t know yet, but for sure I'll keep running long distances.

My knees are doing great, I believe the shoelaces, the insteps' pain and the knees' pain were totally related. I had the pain before the superfeet, and these did not improve but got worst. Glucosamine will be with me till the end of my days….

Take care, and thank you for the encouragement. I would love to run with you one day, but I am too far from your awesome speed of 7:30 min/mile. I'll try to catch you up, as you get older, and I get younger….

lizzie lee

Anonymous said...

You ROCK! You are awesome! Your description of the race took me there with you. I am so proud of you. What a time too!

Thanks for sharing your blog too.


Kevin said...

One wor for ya Lizzie..


MarathonChris said...

Congratulations you Marathoner you!!! What a great race report!!! Awesome job!

As for your next, how about Disney 2009 :-)

Looking forward to hooking up with you for a run sometime!! Enjoy the recovery and your incredible accomplishment.

Backofpack said...

Great job Lizzie-lee! You are awesome and did so well! I love reading that you were comfortable and able to kick it in to finish strong.

I had some foot pain last week (I think I need different shoes) and was worried about the marathon on Saturday. For some reason your post and comment about shoe laces popped into my head. I tightened my shoe up over my toes and arch, left it the same at the heel and it really helped - thanks for the post that gave me the idea!

Can't wait to hear about more of your adventures - and maybe we'll meet one of these days. (Tacoma City Marathon in the spring?)

triguyjt said...

felt like i was right there as you came across the line...
awesome accomplishment.
congrats and many many more

JeffM said...

Congratulations on a great accomplishment!!!
Eugene marathon on May 5th if you're looking at one in Oregon.

Irish Blue said...


That's just awesome. What an inspiration you and your daughter are.

MarathonChris said...

Hey there, wanted to wish you a great trip over seas!!!

Another next race, maybe Marine Corps? Since you are there so often DC is almost a second home for you, methinks!!!

Unknown said...

Congratulations! It's a great feeling isn't it? I hope you are fully recovered by now.

Susan said...

How is life post-marathon? Give us an update! :)

Topher said...

Congratulations! I know I'm late, but I'm sure you don't mind. I found your blog through Amanda's. Like her, I live in Kansas City, and I really appreciated seeing those sunny beach pictures from California as we have snow and ice on the ground here.