Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Sub-Thirty and My Own Rabbit

This past week was amazingly exciting...

I arrived from California on Tuesday after three weeks with hubby. I wasn't jetlagged, of course, but woke up too early to catch my flight and went directly to work, so I was tired for a run that night. Wednesday came with some kind of excuse that I do not even remember. As I was planning on running a 5K on Saturday, I needed to get the long run out of the way on Thursday.

The long run plan for the week? 15 miles. The season? Spring according to the month of the year, but Fall in my beloved Seattle, with pounding rain and gloomy day. The alternative? 15 miles on the treadmill. So determined to do it, I went to the gym to spend three hours on that machine. I don't watch TV, the Ipod hasn't been in use since my daughter sent it back from Thailand... so, my strategy for this time was to break the work in three blocks of five miles and just to think on stuff!!!

What can you think in three hours? Well, many things... Writing an email to my boss, subject: Leave of absence on the grounds of insanity (this thought occurred to me between mile 5 and 6). I redacted the email, corrected it, read it in my mind, etc... Thoughts of happiness for trading my tempo works for 5K races (way more fun)....Picturing myself running on my "by-the-water" route in Long Beach.... Thinking in the nice times to come when my hubby comes back to Washington State to be with me, whenever that'd be...Etc...Etc...Etc...

At mile 10, my legs were struggling... At mile 11 I was really tired and decided to stop. Ok, that was my plan for a 15-miler. After that I went to the store and after 30 minutes in the store, dragging my feet I told myself: "If I would've stayed, considering 12min/mile, I still would be running". There was no way that I could have done 4 more miles.... So seriously, I don't regret... My legs thanked me.

Then on Saturday I ran the Edmonds Waterfront 5K on a perfect sunny day (for a change). Mike (one of my bosses... yes, I have two.. or three) had a goal around 21'. Mine was to beat 32'.

The waterfront part was just a stretch of half a mile, but Edmonds is a very pretty town, and I enjoyed the race. The sound and the Olympics were gorgeous that day (see pic below).

Mike, after finishing, joined me and ran (rabbited) for me for a third of a mile. It was great... I went as fast as I could...and I got 29'01", a sub-thirty!!!! (I hate to say almost a sub-29). I am pinching myself because I still can't believe it.

Female Overall 21/ 54 - Overall - 65/118

I immensely thank Mike. He really helped me to push at the end....

  • Incomplete 15-miler? A little bit disappointing.
  • A 14.1 mile/week? A little bit disappointing.
  • Having my own rabbit? Priceless.
  • 3 minutes drop on my 5K PR this year? Absolutely Priceless.
  • 8 minutes drop on my 5K PR since back to running (2005)? Absolutely, Absolutely, Priceless.
  • Incomplete 15-miler? Who cares?
  • A 14.1 mile/week? Who really cares?


Anonymous said...

Three minutes off the pr is huge. 8minutes is ... well ... huger. Congratulaions on a great race. Thanks for the commment over at my place. That's the nicest thing anyone has said to me in a while.

Backofpack said...

Hey nice way to wrap up your week! I haven't decided about Seattle - I'm thinking maybe the Ghost of Seattle the day before again, and probably Last Chance up in B'ham on New Years Eve. I'm still filling things in! Good for you for signing up and going for it though!

ShirleyPerly said...

Incredible improvements on your 5K times, Lizzie. You should be very proud!

And I'd say it's better to cut off a long run than to slog your way through, especially on a treadmill where one tired mis-step could be worse than simply falling down.

Love the photos!!

MarathonChris said...

Great job on the PR!!!! Congrats :-)