Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pidiendo Cacao - Asking For Cacao, And Cacao I Got

Marathon Plan - Regressive Countdown - Week Six
10/20/08 - 10/26/08
Week Total: 31

The highlight of the week is another 20-miler in my pocket done 40:51 faster than the first 20-miler one month ago, for a decrease of 2 minutes per mile. I also improved the pace by 22 seconds in relation to the 20-miler ran two weeks ago. I still can't believe it.

20-miler - Sep 20, 2008 - 4:35:37 - Pace 13:47
20-miler - Oct 11, 2008 - 4:02:02 - Pace 12:07
20-miler - Oct 25, 2008 - 3:54:46 - Pace 11:45

This week 20-miler happened in Long Beach, CA, by the beach in a 98% flat course. I started 3o min before sunrise to take advantage of cooler temperatures, 56F/13C. My plan consisted in running with negative splits, have an average of 11:20, and break the 4 hours with
a total time of 3:46:40.

The first ten miles were planned at an average of 11:30 and I ran them at 11:39 average. I was happy were I was, and I felt as if I worth a million bucks, I was running strong. But next five miles were another story, planned at 11:15, and done at 11:50.

What happened with my million bucks??? I felt like 10 bucks!!!!!!

I'll blame it on the temperature which started to go up to get to 76F/24C. The sun was at its full splendor and there were no clouds on the sky. Important to note that my hubby joined me at mile 13 with a new used-bike he bought. It was nice to have him by my side for the rest of my run.

When I hit mile 17 I have increased my pace to 12:34... Time to do something. Coincidentally, my iPod played Seventeen, by Tim McGraw, which has a good bpm, and lucky me,
I went abstract. I ran from mile 17 to mile 18 at 11:10, great!!! I could make up for lost time... But... couldn't. The pace for the following mile was done at 12:47. I was "Pidiendo Cacao" - Asking For Cacao - When you say you are "pidiendo cacao" (Spanish) is that you are asking for mercy.

And Cacao I Got. I didn't let my last mile to be spoiled. I sprinted for a final mile at 10:31 (
nauseas included) . My husband was there waiting for me.

Performance Check:
Negative Splits: Nope!
Pace planned: 11:20 - Pace achieved: 11:44
Time planned: 3:46:40 - Time achieved: 3:54:46

Still I broke the four hours. For the marathon (Nov. 30th) I will pray to go abstract for the next six miles, and I will play Seventeen, Mrs. Robinson, The Boxer and Firecracker, as many times as possible to keep a good pace.

Five more weeks!!!!


Interval and Tempo work done without issues in Albuquerque, New Mexico where I happened to be during the week. I missed (again) running with Chris who was in SoCal during this week.


Petraruns said...

Well done girl! Great work! It looks like it's all coming together for you just in time. Wonderful that you had some company as well and that you found the ability to sprint within you as well - go girl! you're getting ready!

MarathonChris said...

Way to get that 20 miler done!!!! And way to go that they are progressively getting faster!!! I loved running there in California in the mornings just before / at sunrise. The cool temps make running effortless.

You will be so ready for your race!!

Susan said...

Wow, LL, you did GREAT!!!

Marathon Maritza said...

Awesome job on the long run!

And are you talking about Ryan Adams' song "Firecracker?" That is totally in my running mix, it has great bpm!!!

ShirleyPerly said...

Still, you are showing consistent and significant improvement on your 20-miler times. And best of all, though, I hear very little about the leg pains you had last year. Awesome training!!

CewTwo said...

Wow! You are coming along! Very impressive!

I have family in Bothell. The Seattle Marathon would be within my range of a marathon to be run pretty soon. I won't run with you, of course, as you would be way ahead of me.

What is the weather like in November? My brother always maintains that the people up North get depressed when you get too much sunshine and not enough rain...

Let me know!