Saturday, November 8, 2008

Am I Back To Square Zero, Not Up To The Task, Or Simply Tired???

Marathon Plan - Regressive Countdown - Week Four
11/03/08 - 11/09/08
Week Total: 29.5

Last Sunday, my sacred Sunday, the day I have to sleep in, to rest from my Saturday long runs, to do NOTHING, I had to wake up at 4am (Sprint did not update the standard time till 5am, so my alarm went off at 3am!!!), to go to the airport and fly 2,700+ miles to our nation's capital. So there it went my Sunday.

On Monday I got up at 4am to do my intervals, as the week was promising to be horrible work wise. The work day started at 8 am and ended at 10:30 pm. Tuesday I needed to be at the office at 7 am. A closed session with 20 some government and aviation industry people to end the day at 6pm. Then, went to a bar with a couple of friends to watch the elections. Bed by 12:30 am.

Wednesday started at 7:30 am to work half of the day and fly back home at noon the same 2,700+ miles
. On Thursday I wanted to do my tempo early in the morning to have two days of rest before my last 20-miler...but I couldn't get up. So, the 8 mile tempo was done at the gym at the end of the day. It was not an easy tempo as my legs felt heavy, so I followed Shirley's advice of turning it into a tempo interval run and although I completed the distance I didn't feel strong at all.

After constant pouring rain on Thursday and Friday, I started to feel moody thinking on my last 20-miler. The forecast for Saturday? M
id 50s, 100% rain till 11 am and 90% after that.

Saturday arrived raining certainly 100%!! I waited about 3 hours and at 10am I left knowing that I would soak myself under the divine liquid. Miraculously, when I parked my car, the rain stopped. What were the odds that I would run under the 10% of "no rain?" I was lucky.... I dedicated my run to
Tim and Susan Feeney

But then my legs were exactly where I left them on Thursday. Heavy and heavy and heavy. All my eight first miles were above 12 min/mile. I recognize that I ran with extra caution as the sidewalks had a gazillion of wet fall leaves, I also tried to avoid puddles. At mile 9 a woman almost sent me to the hospital. Seems that she forgot that a stop signs means to stop before the stop sign to have the opportunity to look at both sides before going. She kept going only looking to the left for cars coming. She didn't think that pedestrians can come from the other side. Some *&*#%% to her, and that is the only mile that I did below 12. I was really mad.

After that, everything went down the hill, even though the clouds dissipated and the sun was out there for me. All splits were above 13 min/mile. By mile 13.5 I was really in bad shape. It was very windy, but not like the day I almost flew. Thought of Tim and Susan, thought of Tina who has a 20-miler race this weekend and decided to keep going. At 15.5 (point I passed by my car) I stopped, rested for a couple of minutes and decided to go for 4 more miles to complete 19.5.
Dropped the fuel belt, took one bottle with me, took the coat off (mistake) and continued. I was soaked because of the sweat, therefore, without the coat, the wind killed me the first tenth of a mile. Instead of going back to grab the coat, I went back and quit. Probably I didn't want to face that if I'd completed the 20-miler I would've ended around 4:25, when two weeks ago I did it in 3:54. Last year, my first and only 20-miler took me 4:27.

My average pace was 12:49, the worst pace of my last seven long runs.

Am I Back To Square Zero, Not Up To The Task, Or Simply Tired???

Three more weeks!!!


Girl on Top said...

Great job for pushing. Some weeks are definitely harder for me than others.

Drivers are definitely something to look out for. I had a similar accident, but thankfully I waited as the guy looked to the left and didn't even bother to look to the right!

Petraruns said...

OK sweetness - listen:
1. You are NOT back to square Zero.
2. You are ABSOLUTELY up to the task

SO guess what? Give yourself a break! I always factor in that some o my long runs are going to be duds. They are runs that test your mind not your body. YOu did fabulously given the conditions. You can DO 20milers and you can fly them but no-one can do them all of the time under any circumstance. Baby yourself. Take an extra day off (even from work?) and have a hot bath, go out for coffee and chill. Look after yourself. Big virtual hug!

Susan said...

I think you just had a bad day, plain and simple. Your other runs PROVE that you are awesome. Don't let one get you down!

IrishBlue said...

You, lady, are TIRED. I agree, take a rest and give yourself a break. I should tell you my very best race times were proceeded by really bad long runs and my bad marathon time was proceeded by a really good long run. So, if we follow this logic - you are going to do great! I just know it.

Rest, rest, rest...

ShirleyPerly said...

Sounds like it could very well be you are tired. I know for a fact that traveling across country does make me tired. But sometimes, for absolutely no reason at all, we might just have a bad day. And that bad day falls on the day we're supposed to do a long run and it turns into a bad run. But every run you do counts, even if it did not go well. Remember that training is harder than running the marathon itself. You will taper and be fully rested before your big day. So just move on from this run and keep going.

And Happy Birthday, fellow Scorpio!!

CewTwo said...

As Chicago approached for me, I found that I was really burning out on the training. It takes something special to do the training. Runs (that used to be considered long) during the week and looong runs on weekends. I understand the purpose but does that not mean that it does not get old!

I do agree with Petra. Don't beat yourself up. Think positive and look at your recent accomplishments. Think of the goal at a time like this. That needs to be your focus.

Now for bad news from me. I have decided not to run the Seattle marathon. It is purely selfish! If I run it, then I'd need to hustle to the airport, get home, and go to work the next day. I do payroll for the company and it has to be done on the 1st. I would prefer to get a day of rest before returning to work.

I hope you know that means we will miss this run together. As I said, my brother lives in Bothell and I am supposed to visit them soon. Hopefully, we can meet up and run when I go to the Great Northwest to do that!

MarathonChris said...

Ditto to all the other comments. First, you are definitely READY for this race! Now that you are officially tapering, use this time to REST! I know the schedule you are keeping....if you get the rest your body craves, the running will come.

After I ran MCM last fall, I ran out of gas for my training leading up to Disney - and was pretty tired for Disney. Because I pushed, and pushed and pushed myself.

Give yourself a break - get a few days of good rest, then go out for a nice easy 5 will feel fantastic!

Marathon Maritza said...

I got tired just reading your post! Travel takes a TON out of me so I think you are just tired.

Don't worry, some weeks are just like that and I know you will bounce back! Hang in there and rest, lady!