Saturday, January 31, 2009

My Way to Dull

This was a Dull Week. A Dull Week is a week where nothing inspires me for a blog title. That dull it was.

Each of my three runs of the week were 6-mile runs, although I had plans for a 24-mile week. As I had my first appointment with the oncologist on Thu, I moved my tempo for Friday, which would conflict with my Saturday's 12 miler. Per my plan, and I totally agree with that, tempo and long runs should have a day of rest in between, but to move the 12 miler to Super Bowl Sunday was not feasible.

My first two 6 milers of the week were really good. Saturday 12 miler was another story, it was a disaster.

I left home to the gym as happy as a little girl going to an amusement park. I was very enthusiastic thinking on my long run, and remembering the success and happiness of my last week's 13 miler. Treadmill was again the chosen "medium" as 34F and rain still is not my choice of outdoor running.

For the
first three miles I was under total control and feeling good when side stitches hit me. I had to walk a lot between mile 3 and 5. As soon as I started with a decent pace, they would come back. I have had them in the past, but always have managed it somehow. Today, they certainly prevented me from having a good run and to continue with my plan of 12 miles. At mile six I decided to stop. I really wanted to keep going but I was not enjoying the moment. I called it a day and went home to get ready to have a nice afternoon with my son and his fiancee in Bellevue.

I confess I am craving for running outside, but I don't complain. I am happy I can run. Period. Even if I run My Way To Dull.

Have a great Super Bowl Sunday!!!


ShirleyPerly said...

Funny picture!

And we all have bad runs from time to time. I seldom get side stitches but have heard they are often the result of shallow breathing or exhaling when the right foot hits the ground (vs. left). If you get them fairly often, perhaps worth taking note of how you breath when running and when. Hope the weather improves so you can run outside soon!

Petraruns said...

Good for you for getting out there at all - and then for calling it off when it hurt and was no longer fun. Another day, another dollar. Not bad mileage for a DULL week! We all have them and they are to be endured..

Susan said...

Excellent attitude! You're still my hero.

akshaye said...

I have had them a couple of times in once during a race.. you did great trying to run through that.