Sunday, August 15, 2010

Paradoxical Chills

Marathon Plan - Regressive Countdown - Week Thirteen
08/09/10 - 08/15/10 - Week Total: 23.6 miles

I spent my whole week like a desperate race-addict checking all the Western Washington race calendars. There was no race for this weekend to replace my long run. Oh well, I was on my own. I planned on having my long run on Saturday at 5:30 am as we got a heat advisory alert, mid 80's, but after a stressful week at work, I had to sleep in, and it was not until 7:00 am that I hit the road for a 13.6-mile run. 

I took my fuel belt with four 8-oz of water, and I thought I would be perfectly fine. The temp was 68F, sunny with a nice breeze and would not climb too quick in the time I was going to be running. I think I distributed my water smartly and miles went well until mile 11, when I started shivering. I knew was a sign of dehydration. I had very little water left, but I was only 2.6 miles from home, and seriously it was not that hot. At mile 12.5 I felt my body shutting down. Paradoxical Chills and goose bumps signal shut down of skin circulation, portending a faster rise in temperature... In short: preamble for heat stroke.... Scary!!! 

A sprinkler was watering a lawn and I stood under it.

original graphic:

The owner was there, and I told him: "I am so sorry!" He said: Don't worry, I put a wet bandana around my neck when is that hot!!! How hot could it be?  

I finished my run around 9:45 am and it was 71F.  I turned a cold shower on and stood under for 10 minutes.  

I understand we, Seattleites, are used to run year-round at lower than 50's but, 71 is not that hot.... Is it? I felt like a wuss after reading that my dear Shirley could run at 10K pace in 101F.!!! but she mentioned that most people who run in 20 deg hotter weather than they're used to, will suffer.. Yes, that was the case. This summer my long runs have been at a max of 55.
I learned my lesson. After the experience, I went running on Sunday more than prepared. We had a red alert that read: EXCESSIVE HEAT WARNING REMAINS IN EFFECT FOR THE GREATER PUGET SOUND REGION UNTIL 10 PM PDT MONDAY... and the expected high was 87!!!!!!!!! I went to the track so I could have my car there with my "Ice chest" emergency kit handy: Lots of bottles of cold water, and ICE!!!!! every 400m half a bottle. It was GOOD!!!!!!!!

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Petraruns said...

Good girl for finding a solution! I don't think it's necessarily the temperature so much as your perception of it - I had heatstroke during Berlin and plenty of people out there didn't... It's just how it affects you and it obviously really did!

Good going on track workouts as well!