Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Start Of Fall

Marathon Plan - Regressive Countdown - Week Seven
09/20/10 - 09/26/10 - Week Total: 30.9

In most of the places with deciduous trees Fall brings leaves' color changes from green, to yellow, to red, to brown, to dead. But in Evergreen State, to be specific, in Western Washington, that's not perceptible. Most of our trees are evergreen, yes, the leaves stay green. 

For marathoners the Fall marathons are a couple of months ahead, and the training is at peak levels.  There are half marathons, and half marathons, and half marathons... and I want to run them all.

Started my September race calendar on Sat 9/4 with Over the Narrows 10 mile race.  

Two days later, on Labor Day 9/6, I raced the Pacific Northwest Half Marathon Championship/Super Jock&Jill, PRing the distance by 1.5 min. 

The following weekend on 9/12 I raced Skagit Flats Half Marathon.  

On 9/18 I raced Army Strong Half Marathon and PRd the distance again by 4 minutes. 

And today, 9/26 I raced Bellingham Bay Half Marathon. 

Four half marathons and one 10-miler race in one month. The month of September. That's when Washingtonian runners know when is The Start Of Fall.

My shorts are soaked. Overcast, rainy and windy. Good temp: 60F

At mile 9 my tank emptied. At that point it was a combination of trail, slippery wooden bridges and wind. I really don't perform well in trails. I was desperate to finish that portion and didn't know how much longer we'd stay in that area..

Splits         HR
10:03 168
10:42 161
11:12 156
11:09 164
10:34 165
10:21 168
10:23 167
10:24 167
11:09 176
11:12 163
11:17 166
11:43 164
10:23 181

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MarathonChris said...

You truly are a racing "fool". Congrats on a fabulous racing month! You really have come back strong!