Tuesday, February 15, 2011


After graduating from college, my daughter, who is a citizen of the world, went to Thailand as a 2-year Peace Corps Volunteer. From there, she went to Dominican Republic for another couple of years. She came home for the Christmas Holidays and as a stop between destinations. The caviat: she didn't know what the next destination would be. She applied to several jobs in International/Sustainable Development with the desire of getting something in Africa or Asia. In the meantime she told me: Mom, whether I get a job or not, I am leaving in February. Where? Don't know.

Then she came with the destination selection method: Throwing a dart at the world map, blindfolded. And she was committed to the dart! The process was documented, and I am so happy of having witnessed the process. Let the throwing begin will take you also to witness the process which I particularly think was pretty neat and ingenious.

I can't be happier for her, but I would lie if I say I am not crying and I won't miss her. These two past months with her were a precious gift. We always have said that we are happy even inside of an empty cardboard box. And that is true. We know how to enjoy every single moment of our lives and breathe deeply and record those moments forever. She was my partner in every run; my caregiver during my surgery; my fashion designer for my marathons shirts (she even finished the Idaho shirt the day before leaving so I could have it for my next marathon in May). We watched TV like nobody's business (noteworthy to mention that I never watch TV); ran together, and for first time, a snowshoe race having a blast; played bananagram many of our quiet winter evenings in front of our fireplace enjoying a nice glass of wine; assembled puzzles; ate candy every day (also noteworthy to mention that I never eat candy); ate delicious vegetarian wraps prepared at random hours; spent most of the nights in her bedroom talking or simply falling asleep, coming to my bedroom at dawn... (poor hubby, he was displaced, but he was supportive and understanding).

Now it's time for her to move on ... as she said: I was the supportive self, that just want her to leave so I can come and visit.... visit her, see her, hug her, kiss her, adventure with her.... and why not... run a road race with her in Kiwiland...

Coming home last Christmas, between destinations
Welcoming & birthday

Romp To Stomp Snowshoe Race - Stevens Pass  - Feb 12, 2011

Romp To Stomp Snowshoe Race - Stevens Pass - Feb 12, 2011
Farewell Dinner
Run For Tina - Fort Steilacoom - Jan 29, 2011

Winter Series Fort Steilacoom - 10-miler - Jan 22, 2011

White Elephant 5-miler - Olympia, WA - Jan 8, 2011
Yukon Do It - Half Marathon Port Orchard - Dec 31, 2010
She biked at my side for a 20-miler
Me walking to the car after a 20-miler run. She helped me to finish it

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Petraruns said...

What a lovely post. I read this last week but have only got round to commenting this morning. It sounds like 2 months with your gorgeous daughter - all well now? - was what you all needed, but she needed to go off and spread her wings again as well. She's lovely, as are you - what an inspiring team. I hope Sophia and I are as close when she's that age..