Sunday, June 5, 2011

Priceless Weekend Rewards

I am nothing but thankful for having the opportunity of marshaling runners in the Special Olympics of Washington, 2011 Summer Games. Boy, if it got busy. More than 2,500 athletes showed up for competition. I supported track & field events and it was an amazing experience. Hundreds of runners, race-walkers, shot putters, softball throwers, wheel chairs slalom. Every athlete showed one way or another their excitement for participating in the Games.

I encourage everybody to support as volunteer for these games or the Winter Games. I can't describe well enough the marvelous moments I had and the amazing opportunity talking with each of the athletes I marshaled. My heart was full of joy. You'll receive more than what you'll give.

My race of the week: Susan G. Komen, Race for the Cure. My prize: Being able to cross the finish line another year as a survivor and meeting my son Diego at the finish line. This year, the prize came with a bonus: I won my division!!!

Priceless Weekend Rewards !!! 

100-m dashers waiting for the heat call
100m dashers
100m dash
100 m dash

Fixing my timing chip

No, I am not Princess Leah
Crossing the finish line


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Petraruns said...

sweet lizzie lee you are SUCH an inspiration in everything you do! Well done on the SO and on winning your division - that's awesome! And I love the pink crown!