Monday, December 19, 2011

November, And The Account Of The 11th Month

The month of November proved to be busy after baby Halloween arrived to the world. Family came from overseas to visit; weekends were baby oriented; a new birthday moved me to a new running bracket; and a turkey was on the table for our traditional Thanksgiving.

In the meantime, I kept running. The highlights of the training were the 2-hour runs at 4 am at mid 30’sF with my nephew Federico, plus the races were it was understood, he would participate, because, “when will you have the opportunity to run with your aunt again?”

November 06th
The day the clock falls back. Anything is Possible including running back in time...

A race to run negative times. Race started at 1:50 am and I finished at 1:16 am, before the race even started... It was fun to see the clock in the finish line with negative times. The female winner ran in -41:00. I ran in -33:03. It was cold (38ºF/3ºC) but FUN! Venue: UW Campus.

I won the division and placed 16 out of 75 female!

November 12th
Mom arrived on the 11th and on the 12th I told her “I have to run a Half Marathon, I’ll be back at mid morning”. Veterans Half Marathon was organized by First Call Running Group just a few miles from my home, starting at Bothell Landing. The course, one of my favorite training routes: gorgeous Sammamish River Trail. The scenery, the most stunning fall landscape

Met my good running buddy Marie, and went to conquer another half distance. The run was nice, and though it was not the race where you have all the crowd, and city movement around, it was a race that let me perform much better than if a Lizzie’s solo run.

Got 4th place in the division out of 14 runners. This was my last race in the current bracket.

November 17th
My birthday…. NEW RUNNING BRACKET…!!!

November 20th
This weekend was the turn for a short run. There were no prospects for a long run and  Turkey trots’ short races were the only ones available over Western Washington. Federico, who’d arrived on the 14th, ran his first 5K ever, on a cold but sunny day, launching his American racing career over Seattle runners’ paradise, Green Lake, at Green Lake Gobble. It couldn’t happen in a prettier place, where 3.1 miles are run around a dazzling calm lake reflecting, as a mirror, the deciduous trees, with their naked branches.

In regards to my performance, I was curious if a PR could be in my pocket as this is one of the fastest courses in W. WA. Though it wasn’t, I ran pretty good, and clocked 26:55: for an 8:40 pace. 

Got 8th place in the division out of 82 runners.

November 26th
Seattle 5K, part of the Seattle Marathon Races. I have never run this race before. For the last 5 years, I go to Seattle on Friday after Thanksgiving, to pick up my Marathon or Half Marathon packet, and dedicate Saturday to rest around my husband, turkey leftovers, and a couch in front of the fireplace. But, Federico was here, so, why not to entertain with another downtown visit, run a 5K, and get a little speed work before my Half Marathon on Sunday?

The race is relatively small, with a couple of thousand runners (I assume the rest were laying around family, turkey leftovers, and fireplace ). This is not a fast course as it is in downtown Seattle, which is hilly, but fun nonetheless. I clocked 29:07 for a 9:22  place. Got 4th place out of 39 runners.

Federico had had two races in two weekends in a row, and probably was wondering, if it was time to leave the country before I drag him into my weekend’s race folly.

November 27th
My race, Seattle:  My first marathon in 2007 and the race that brought me back to long distance running. My first half marathon in 2009; and, after two exact years, I was logging my 35th half marathon. I felt proud for this, because it has been a lot what has been learned and achieved in 35 races in the span of 24 months. It has been a committed and enthusiastic challenge that led me to fall in love with this distance.  This day, I ran with a unique passion, my 50th race of the year, my 35th half in lifetime, and my 20th half in 2011, . The rounded stats made it more special.

Once, a great Venezuelan entertainer, Renny Ottolina, said that to love a place, you need to know the place (emphasizing the meaning of “knowing”). I love Seattle’s course because I know it by heart. I know every single inch of it, and with all its hills and possible rain, snow, or hail, it’s simply mine. It’s the race I call home. It’s the course that taught me what a marathon teaches to a runner, it’s the race that taught me that no matter how hard things are, if you set your mind and your heart to it, you’ll succeed. And because I ran it with that one of a kind passion, it was a fantastic race, having a course PR of 8 minutes, finishing strong, and placing 23rd out of 127.

With nothing but gratitude, I closed the month. November, And The Account Of The 11th Month.

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Petraruns said...

Girl - your running is So inspiring. A grandbaby, a big birthday, your mom - you incorporate it all into your running. Amazing my lovely!