Saturday, February 11, 2012

Million Inch Run With The Company Of Your Beautiful Soul

When February knocks my door, the anxiety swells up and overflows; dreams pile up, and I can see you, talk to you, and even touch you. My soul is blissful because you are there. Then, when the dawn breaks, the anxiety is still there, but the dreams are gone, and the soul is saddened.

From the 1st of the month, every clip of your life’s picture is rolled before me, like a stream in slow motion. Every second repeats itself. And, then the 11th comes, and the same punch I received that day, is felt again, with the same intensity, the same pain, and the same uncertainty on what the impact would be.

A Million Inch Race, almost 16 miles/26K, are ahead of me. I will do a solo within a race; a solo with you and Serrat in the background; a solo to memorialize the third anniversary of your unexpected departure. Serrat will be there describing you in each of his songs, reminding me the past days, the joy, the smiles, the sharing, and our Locos Bajitos, that are neither locos, nor bajitos. I think about the race and divide it in 4 segments of 4 miles each. Low heart rate the first four, and increase it each four miles.

Serrat is sweet as always has been. I remember the tape with his music that I gave you back in early 1982, and that our beloved Ale keeps close to her heart; and the tape that we recorded to listen during Ale’s birth.  I transposed to the Teresa Carreño back when we went to see him. The final ovation was out of this world. Serrat closed again, and again, and again, to finally end his concert with Cantares in Catalan. Our hearts were swollen by that sentiment that only Serrat could produce in our lives, because Serrat was an important part of our lives. But nothing like the Locos Bajitos, your tears when you heard it for the first time. And I think of our kids, and I know  you gave them all the love and teachings you could give them. And they treasure, and will always treasure what they received from you through “the lukewarm milk and each song”. And the race continues, and my body feels good, though my heart is crying.

I am in the second phase of the race. I increase the pace and adjust the heart rate when Elegia plays. With each lyric, my heart cracks. Tears come streaming down my face along the Green River Trail. The time passes and with the inches of the race, the memories continue flowing one after another. It’s a good run. I hit the turn around and adjust the HR for the third phase. My system is in harmony.

Serrat talks to me, and tells me beautiful things. I elevate the HR and start passing people now. The HR strategy is working, again.  I am full of memories from a beautiful past. Señora… you wanted to sing that so much to my mom, and in your own and unique way you did. And your forever image is present: Un Soñador de Pelo Largo, a Long Hair Dreamer that departed too soon, but will forever be in the hearts of those that loved you.

4th phase of the race, and I crank up the HR. The run is fantastic. 2 miles from the finish line I see two guys in the distance that were way ahead of me. I am getting closer and closer in no time. My HR is at 176 and I can't believe I am so strong at the end. I assume they are hearing my steps because one of them keeps looking over his shoulder. The distance between us is rapidly shortening. I pass them and my legs are in total control; it’s only a matter of keeping the HR also in control. I am now one mile away from the finish line. I passed another guy half a mile to go. I am strong as I can be. Serrat sings “Who will close my diary when the last day of my calendar arrives?” And my answer is: I won’t do it, because your calendar will stay open forever and ever in my heart.

I see the finish line, and successfully cross it for a 10:12 min/mile pace.

It was a race full of emotions, memories, and love; eternal and the purest of the loves. It was a Million Inch Run With The Company Of Your Beautiful Soul.

Rest in peace, my beloved Luis.

Your beautiful smile
With your loco bajito David
With your loco bajito Diego
With your loca bajita Ale
With all your locos bajitos, David, Diego, Ale, and Camila
Mile Splits
1- 10:15 – 144
2- 10:30 – 143
3- 10:20 – 149
4- 10:15 – 152
5- 9:52 – 155
6- 10:16 – 158 (Gatorade stop)
7- 10:08 – 156
8- 10:10 – 155
9- 9:56 – 160
10- 10:07 – 162
11- 10:24 – 162 (Gatorade stop)
12- 10:04 – 166
13- 10:03 – 160
14- 10:16 – 166
15- 9:23 – 174
15.78 - 8:50 - 171

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Petraruns said...

Oh sweet Lizzie Lee - fantastic race but oh my - I am so sorry about this terrible loss in your and your family's life. I know it was 3 years ago but you obviously still all miss him so.

What a way to remember him though - big kisses and a hug!