Friday, April 12, 2013

And 3, 2, 1, And Boston Is Around The Corner

Tapering went well though I would've loved to have more rest during this last week. I had more work that I could chew and have to spend 12 hours a day to get a lot of things done. Good I was not running much so no needed my regular 10-11 hours of sleep.

I ran a race 2 weeks before and it was my race #199 - Cupcake Half Marathon in Arlington, WA - Mar 30, 2013 - 1:55:36 (8:49 min/mile). The goal  was to run at the pace I plan for Boston (8:49) and I succeeded on that. I ran the run with a friend and we talked all the way. I never talk while I run a race but I felt very comfortable doing it this time. 

The following week I bailed on the race I had planned Birch Bay 15K. It was the perfect distance for the week prior to the marathon but I wanted to spend the weekend with my Hubby and I not have to get up early to drive a considerable distance. I didn't regret. It happened to be a warm and sunny day in Seattle which was spent playing very carefully in our yards. And without planning it Boston will become my race #200.

So the time is here and now. I'll be flying tonight for THE marathon that I never thought I would ever run. And with jitters, enthusiasm, and joy I hope to have the race of my life. I don't use to dedicate races much, but I thought that I could give thanks to some people that one way or another have contributed positively in my running "career". To them some of the miles. The rest, well... I need to focus!!!

  • Mile 1 to Mary Yuliet Yanez. The first time I ever went for a jog was with her in 1997
  • Mile 2 to Julio Navarro, thefirst coach that taught me how to do intervals and invited me to my first ever race, a 12K – 1997
  • Mile 5 to Michelle Barnes, because rain or shine we get up early to run 5 miles together, and because of her I learned how to run for fun and not because I have to.
  • Mile 7 to Craig, Chris, Kevin, Charlie, Shirley, because in 2007 I met these running  folks in the blogging world on my route to my first marathon
  • Mile 10 to Bart Yasso because the TEN 800s is the hardest workout I've ever done, and they have improved considerably my speed and understanding of pace.
  • Mile 12 to my Sole Sisters Jessica, Marie, Kristen, Kris, Ginger, Maryanne… Because we were twelve. Includes two good men: John and Tony.
  • Mile 13.1 to Angie Brionez because 13.1 is the distance that brought us together.
  • Mile 17 to Petra Duguid because at her mile 17 in Berlin and at my mile 17 in St. George we were about to quit the race and DNF.  Then we put our acts together and we not only finished, we got our BQ.
  • Mile 21 to my Washington State running peeps, because this will be Heartbreak Hill mile and we hell know how to run hills.
  • Mile 22 to my adorable husband Randy, because without his TOTAL support my running would have not been possible.
  • Mile 23 to my son David because someday he will have to put up with me at least in Colorado.
  • Mile 24 to my son Diego because he is there waiting for me at the end of a race every time he can.
  • Mile 25 to my daughter Alejandra because she brought me to the marathon world, and I would have never done it if we would have not run alone but together.
  • Mile 26.2 It's
    mine. And when I see “one mile to go” on the ground I will soak myself in the experience of the final stretch and be forever thankful for the opportunity.


Anonymous said...

SO excited for you. Beyond flattered and proud to see you out there and KILLING that Mile 17 - girl, it didn't vanquish us then and it's NOT vanquishing us now. Run the race of your life my friend!

Rob McDaniel said...

I was so relieved to see in the NY Times that you were not injured on Monday.

Along with the victims and the families that lost loved ones I will keep you in my prayers as well.

I am sure witnessing those horrific events first hand were not easy and I will pray for peace of mind and heart for you and your family.