Sunday, March 2, 2008

Incoherent Half. A Nightmare

It was an incoherent half. The Seattle SeaFair supposed to be in June happened in a winterly day and scheduled to start at 4:30 pm.

I was procrastinating that day. Talking to a bunch of people about almost everything but running. Then I asked to one blogger friend: What time is it? She said 4:20pm. "Oh My God. My race starts in 10 min and I am not ready." I started to put my socks and shoes, went to the bathroom and got late to the registration table where they gave me two huge goody bags which I threw to one friend to keep it for me.

The starting line (yes line) was awkward. People were in line being dispatched one by one into the race. And this was only the women line. Guys have already left.

When I finally received my GO! it was almost dark. The route was marked with pink post-it for girls and blue post-it for guys. I had goosebumps crossing the 520 bridge floating bridge, the longest floating bridge in the world, over the magnificent Lake Washington. I noticed something surreal. The sun was going down over the lake, but, what direction was I going, Seattleites? East.

When I finished the crossing, I saw the pink post-its indicating to enter into a building, go upstairs, turn back, go down... I was jumping the steps as I used to when I was 17 yo. Five stair steps at a time to gain time. I was so behind. Then the route indicated to get into a classroom, they gave us a test. Yes, a TEST. We need to answer a bunch of trivia, and do math. I was so puzzled, and then got pissed. What kind of marathon is this? I submitted my incomplete test as I thought I was wasting my time. Kept going and decided to quit entering into buildings and doing the rally type of activities. I couldn't figure it out and I didn't care if I was disqualified for not doing such absurdity.

At 8:30 am Pacific Standard Time I woke up. It was an incoherent half. A nightmare.


ShirleyPerly said...

Wow, that is some dream!! At first, it actually sounded like one of those city adventure races where you get clues and need to run around trying to find other clues to end up at some finish line location as fast as possible.

Thanks for the tip on the lime juice on the papaya. I'll give it a try!

Backofpack said...

I hate dreams like that - I wake up feeling so stressed. I am glad it was just a nightmare and not reality!

Susan said...

Oh gosh -- you had me going there for a minute!

JeffM said...

I think it's a sign. You need something to get you motivated after Seattle and Thailand.
If you really want to ramp up- the Eugene marathon is May 4th.

Tri to Be Funny said...

OK--you had me in a panic for the moment! That is one race I NEVER want to do!

Maddy said...

I was reading thinking "What?" One at time and post-it notes. What an adventure. I was relieved to find it was just a dream!

Gordon said...

ouch. I knew seattle was on eof the smartest cities in the nation, but I thought that was over the top. making you do math while running.

what a dream!