Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Running Together. Not Alone, But Together

Marathon Plan - Regressive Countdown - Week Twelve
09/08/08 - 09/14/08
Week Total: 27.5

Marathon Plan - Regressive Countdown - Week Thirteen
09/01/08 - 09/07/08
Week Total: 9.0

I am logging two weeks at the same time as week thirteen was kinda busy. I only ran 9 miles. But, trust me, it didn't matter. I arrived home from California on Tue 02nd - after Labor Day - to 3 days later fly back east to the beautiful city that never sleeps: New York.

The reason was that my adorable daughter was in her way from Thailand to South America and we arranged to spend a weekend together. And guess what? For first time since getting back to running, and running alone, but together, we ran together...
not alone, but together.

Given our conditions of recent arrivals from the west coast and from the other side of the world we ran 3 very nice miles. She jumped on my bed at 7:00 am and told me: Let's go running. It was a reality.

My son and his f
iancée joined us on Sat afternoon. We got the "Hanna experience" and walked for more than 10 hours under the tropical storm ~ 5 inches of rain!!!

Following week, #12, was a complete one - mileage wise. Everything was successful. My speed work, intervals and tempo, was very good and my long run was a 16-miler by Lake Washington. The weekend in Seattle was extremely gorgeous, and the weather was just perfect. During my long run on Sunday morning, the temperature went from 62F to 69F, with a nice breeze and a perfect combination of a blue lake and a blue sky. Couldn't ask for more...


ShirleyPerly said...

Wow, your daughter is certainly a globetrotter!

Awesome that you were able to share a run together. That cool weather sounds delicious too.

MarathonChris said...

That is so cool that you could run together!!!! Congrats on your training going so well.

I admire you ability to stick with your training in spite of your busy travel schedule. It is very hard for me! :-)

Petraruns said...

How wonderful that you shared that run together! And I'm with Chris - you're an inspiration

Susan said...

That all sounds WONDERFUL! How lucky you are!

Backofpack said...

I bet it was the best run ever, running with your daughter!

Anonymous said...

I can only imagine how meaningful it must be not only to see your daughter but to go for a run together. Life doesn't get better than that.

Your comments have a tendency to be rather poetic themselves. "A dolce song inviting to continue... " takes me back to the day when I was a music major (I got the religion degree but lack 7 hours on the music degree).

I appreciate that you read and the encouragement.