Sunday, June 21, 2009

Crushing Cancer With Our Running Shoes

Cancer has won several battles in my family. My dad, my sister Miryam, my fathers-in-law German Moreno and Bill Lee, my political cousin Rafael Ignacio Porras, and the in-laws of my sister Sara, Luisa and Pepe Panero.

Though many more battles will be lost by us, I dream with the day that we'll win the war. The day that research has gotten the clue to eradicate cancer for ever. Today, we in Seattle, raised closed to a million bucks through Lance Armstrong Foundation, racing the Livestrong Challenge, and Crushing Cancer With Our Running Shoes.

Cancer has won many battles, but we'll win the war.
My medal, a yellow rose. I had a great race, no PR, but I ran good!!!

My oncologist, Dr. Saul Rivkin. So fortunate of being in his hands.

In honor of Camila Lashly, 1 yo girl who is fighting like a warrior.


ShirleyPerly said...

Indeed, a wonderful cause to run for. And what a pretty rose. Good job on your race, Lizzie!!

Susan said...

Amazing, LL! You are a true hero. What a day. And you look fabulous. I would NEVER guess that you recently battled cancer. What a fighter! :)

Backofpack said...

It's so good to see you healthy and smiling and running strong!

Petraruns said...

YOu are amazing. Wow. Tears in my eyes. Thanks for getting me back to priorities sweet Lizzie Lee. And you DO look amazing. Big kiss, Petra

Jade Lady said...

You are definitely looking strong. Great cause.