Sunday, June 28, 2009

My 5K Playlist

I love My 5K Playlist... and... I pretty much depend on it. Starts at 155 bpm so I don't blow the race, and by the end of the race I should be sprinting at 180 bpm.

Well, today, 1o seconds before the race, I pushed my button, and song number one started. But, because I still had some few seconds, I stopped it. When we were set to go and I pushed play the thing didn't do anything. Pushed again, and again and went to another song that is not in the 5K playlist. Great, I was in another playlist. Tried to get over, but... Type A... remember? Therefore, stepped aside of the sidewalk for some seconds (maybe 10?) back to 5K playlist and because the mess up I was already panting.

Oh well. I continued in my well known Lake Washington Boulevard, running good. I was checking my pace from time to time, but knew that I was out of a PR, probably for more than a minute. If I ran the Livestrong Challenge so good and I did 29:35, I thought that I would be close to 30 minutes this time. The order was shut up, run and enjoy an overcast 54F degree race.

And then... when I was about 100 m from the finish line, I saw the clock. It marked 27:55. I told to myself: "Lizzie, get a PR, sprint and get it. " 100m in 25 seconds was in my range. I sprinted with all my heart with a pace for that segment of 6:29min-mile, the necessary pace to get under my PR of 28:22. But, it seems that I was probably farther than 100m. Final time: 28:32. No PR but a wonderful race. I would say... an excellent race. No regrets on stepping aside to fix my Ipod, as my 5K music is definitely vital to me to get a good pace. We don't get PRs all the times because of a variety of reasons. This time I know why, due to my playlist. (My kids would say because of my lack of abilities to play an Ipod while I race)!!!

Time: 28:32 - Division 5/19 - Overall Female 59/250 - Overall 146/429

Great race, a lot of fundraising for Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center, nice goodies for survivors, and a lot of prizes...


Girl on Top said...

Great job!

ShirleyPerly said...

Well, not every race can be a PR, ipod malfunction or not.

Nice effort regardless!

Petraruns said...

I'm impressed that you were able to stop and do that - I would have carried on without my playlist and would no doubt have regretted it.. Well done on a great race - nice time! - and you're looking great!