Saturday, July 18, 2009

One Of These Days...

One Of These Days I'll make a decision: What to train for...

I am deciding between training to shave off 3 minutes in my 5K for a 25min, or to train for a sub-5 marathon. As both trainings are very different, especially in mileage, the decision or the "muse" hasn't gotten yet to me... For now, I am just enjoying every 5K I get...

The race of the week: Magnuson Series, Washington Games 2009.

The highlights of the race: One of the few times I have been in the front of the pack gave me the glory of missing a turn with 4 other people. Then, I saw a lady behind me that turned around and went uphill. I looked what she was doing and saw the whole group of runners above the hill I missed. Trying to catch the lost time going uphill was not funny and, of course, impossible. After that, my run occurred in a panting mode for a 31:21.

Anyway, it was fun in a beautiful sunny and warm day in Seattle. (!)


Jade Lady said...

Great goals! I applaud you. And, you are in such great shape - love the pics.

ShirleyPerly said...

Yes, going the wrong way is one of the hazards of running in the lead group. Unfortunately, it happens but not too often. Looks like you had fun anyway, which is good.

Good luck with your 5K or marathon decision. If you get faster in the 5K, you may very well get faster in the marathon too later when you train for it.

MarathonChris said...

You are a racing fool!

In my second year of marathon training, I saw my 5K's get faster - I think because overall I was building endurance.

I am having similar thoughts. Most of my training has been regular runs - not too much real training stuff but tempo runs here and there and just getting miles in.

This year I am going to get at least one interval session in a week. I did one this morning and if felt great. And I know my 5K and marathon times will improve as a result.

We shall see! :-)

BTW - no trips to Seattle (Or even California) planned anytime soon. Not even DC. In fact - I have no travel plans for the foreseeable future - which is good - it is nice to be home :-)