Monday, July 27, 2009

Speed It Is

It has been tough to make a decision this year about what to run and when. I had all the right reasons to hesitate on what to do as this year hasn't been easy at all.

Last week I knew I was close to decide if to work exclusively to improve 5K speed or to run a marathon. Because all the fall marathon's plans must start NOW, I started my week working a marathon plan for a possible marathon in the fall. Emphasis in "possible" as the decision still was floating around.

I worked my intervals, my first long run of 10 miles and my tempo (Seafair Torchlight Race *). And it was finally after this race that I made my decision.

Something clicked. I feel so good racing every weekend, I enjoy so much the racing environment and the post race parties. Seeing some of the same runners week after week, and knowing that you belong to something...

Yes, Speed It Is. And I am gonna work so hard to decrease that PR of 28:22.

(*) 4,300 runners (between 5K and 8K). The race started at 6:45 pm and it was HOT... Upper 80's and high humidity... It was nice to go under the mist that Seattle Metropolitan Medical Team had for us. I ran good (9:38) despite the muggy day.

Division 10/69 - Overall Female 195/1007 - Overall 481/1653

The post race party was at FX McRory's in front of Quest Field and it was GREAT. When my beautiful daughter and I got in the feeling was that of a sauna. Hundred of runners all sweat in a hot night!!! But it was FUN!!!


Backofpack said...

You sound very happy with your decision - and that is how you know it was a good one! You are already pretty speedy, with a focus on it, I imagine you'll be placing in your age group soon. Good luck!

ShirleyPerly said...

That weather sounds very much like what we have in Orlando. There are very few races in the summer and almost all are 5Ks or sprint tris for good reason.

Have fun with your speedy stuff and thanks for the awesome photos!!

Runner Leana said...

Shirley pointed me in the direction of your blog. I'll be in the Seattle/Everett area in a few weeks to race the Lake Stevens 70.3. I'm looking for a few recommendations - a good running store, a good sushi restaurant, and a good massage therapist. I wonder if you might be able to help me out at all?

Congratulations on your race and good luck training for a super speedy 5K!

Irish Blue said...

Yeah speed! I've always wanted to be fast too. Good luck with your fall racing season!!

Petraruns said...

Look at your placing! You are crackin' it girlfriend! and speed is the way to go - look atcha!