Friday, October 23, 2009

Running West

My favorite runs during this past summer, a Summer to Remember were my Sunday runs, when I did not race and I was Running West.
At the end of the afternoon, with a beautiful sunshine I am Running West. After a first mile running in a forestry neighborhood, the smell of pine trees transports me to my Christmas' childhood, the only time of year with pine trees in the tropics. A mile later, the trees give room to open skies and to the blue waters of the sound. The pine smell becomes salty, from the ocean. My soul and spirit are thankful to nature. I am now running down hill embracing nature intertwined with the human creativity of every beautiful home's landscaping, and the beautiful private park and pond.
The nice summer warmth and breeze cover me, until I get to the westernmost point of my run where I religiously stop to contemplate the water. I pray for each of my family members that are now gone. Point of return.
I leave the sight of the sound behind me, and I run uphill. The sky is covered back by the tall pine trees. I am thirsty and nature offers me hundreds of blackberries. It is my easy run, on a blessed Sunday, I can stop to pick as many as my hands can take. I continue running satisfying thirst with the juicy fruit. I see a traffic light. My adventure has ended, so has summer.
Race of the week: Raced with my son a Haunted Hustle... As the race was in his town, one hour from my home, I went the night before and we had a nice dinner with dear friends. My adorable husband prepared a delicious lasagna, a better garlic bread, and a much better pecan pie. Shelly, my daughter in law, prepared the salad, and I the most delicious vinaigrette. The red vino on my son and the Cohens. We were hesitating on racing as the temperature was going to be 31F, sunny, however. After the wonderful dinner, and 3/4 of a bottle of wine, I said what the heck: What my breath thermo is for?
Went to bed at 11 pm, tired. Didn't have a good night, woke up thirsty numerous times and the hangover was promising.
Alarm clock, coffee saviour, dress up, and go. Picked bib numbers for son and I, and gun is off. We had THE RACE. I held my son up for a while, thinking that he wanted to go too fast, but after a couple of minutes, I told him: Go. I held my pace for the first half and then Lizzie-Lee-from-Ireland's hammering moment arrived. I ran pretty hard, and then sprinted the last quarter of the race. 27:46", 8" slower than my PR of 27:38. Got third in my division, and Diego, with 23:36" got second in his. We had THE RACE, and with a lot of vino!!!
Division 3/17 - Overall Female 38/194 - Overall 73/389
Below the pics, from dinner to race... (This dinner merited a marathon next day instead of a 5K...Huge carbo loading!!!).


Backofpack said...

Oh, my gosh! Your son lives here in our town? Did I know this? We weren't at the Hustle, but could have come down to meet you had we known. We live just up the big South Hill! Next time...

My cousin is well - we saw each other recently, they got it all, she's planning for reconstruction (it was just one side) after four months. She was cheerful and light-hearted and it was wonderful.

First Call is on the Sammamish trail starting in Bothell and going to Marymore - I think. He doesn't have a map up, but that's what i think it said. There might be a half. The link is on my sidebar.

Susan said...

That dinner looks divine! Congrats on an excellent adventure AND race.

Jade Lady said...

maybe you found the secret...vino the nite before! congrats on your place finish!

I'm still wondering how u could run at 30 odd degrees...last time I did, I swore I'd never do it again!

Petraruns said...

Hey sweetie! You want my phone? Well you wont' believe it but the electrician working on the house next door has disconnected and removed my phone line - by accident! AAAARRGGHH!! And my cell rarely works in the house but you can try it +447876703376. Finally - best way to try to get hold of me is on Skype - I'm Petratalks. Hear from you soon!

Also - great blogpost. Wonderful to run with your son - hope that wil be me someday. But I loved your description of running at home even more - one day I will come and run that with you!

ShirleyPerly said...

Lizzie, that Running West description was LOVELY. Sounds like some of the old runs I used to do way back before I began racing when I just ran purely for fun.

And congrats to both you and your son on your fine 5K performances. That meal looks to have fueled you well!