Sunday, October 4, 2009

Seattle 2009: A Summer To Remember

This summer has been definitely a gift. Sun and No Rain since June (or before???), hot days, and sun, sun, and more sun...We probably got an overdose of Vitamin D due to the lack of habit.... Every weekend we think... "this is the last weekend"... but still today, October 4th, though we raced at 42 F, the day was gorgeously sunny... We feel Fall in the air, but the sun continues shining above... and we take it and embrace it, because if there are people that don't take the sun for granted, are us, Seattleites...

During this Summer To Remember I worked for speed. Took Hal Higdon's plan and carefully followed it. It worked. My 5K times are now in the 28 minute range, with a PR of 27:38.

Summer was full of fun races. Participated in 15 and won my division in one of them (which made me pretty happy and accomplished!!!).

Now, that my "speed season" is over, I am starting an endurance season to get ready to run next spring in the footsteps of legends... EUGENE!!!

The decision has been made.


Two races to post:

09/27/09 - Alki Beach 5K - 28:03 - Division 6/55 - Overall Female 131/729 - Overall 265/1021

10/04/09 - Issaquah Rotary Run 5K - 28:34 - Division 7/33 - Overall Female 91/457 - Overall 289/827


Anonymous said...

Glad you've had such a memorable summer. I always enjoy reading about your races.

Petraruns said...

You're looking great, doing great and your plan for speed has really worked. SO.... Eugene eh? What training plan are you using for that?

JeffM said...

I just signed up for Eugene Monday night- so I'll be there!

Susan said...

Speedy-Lee is your new name!!! Now on to endurance -- what an exciting season!