Sunday, November 22, 2009

Vino Rosso

More than a month ago, on October 10th, we hosted a nice lasagna dinner with, of course, red wine... I never drink before a race, but I could not pass the wine when lasagna is present. I didn't care much about the race, so I didn't care much about how much wine I drank... that BTW was quite a bit.... The following day, I had my second best 5K time of the year: 27:46.

Last night, my good friend Melinda hosted a girl's night out. A delicious vichyssoise and guess what? A lot of wine...Then I thought.... what about if the wine has the same good effect than at the last race??? Let's test it, and I socially drank three glasses of wine (that is a LOT for me)... and had a lovely night.

The weather forecast for the race (and the reality) was pouring rain and 43F. The reports wrote things like: No rest for the Pacific Northwest, 3 to 5 inches of rain on Sunday.... Misery in the Northwest! The weather news were not encouraging, and when I woke up at 6:00 the rain was still there... and it was so dark that I stayed cozy underneath my covers... At 7 am, hubby asked me: Are you going?... I would love to stay in my warm bed, but the magic words jumped out of me: I regret if I skip a race, but I never regret when I go. Therefore, I went.

And... the rain stopped, and... it was not even cold as there was no wind... and... the Vino Rosso worked. I got a PR!!!! 27:27

Division 12/50 - Overall Female 107/497 - Overall 256/764

With world class runner Judy Fisher and Todd Byers, "Barefoot Todd, the Barefoot Coach" -----------------------------------------------------------
The highlight of the week was not my PR, but my birthday: 53!!! After what I've gone through I can say that birthdays mean a total different thing and I am thankful for another year of life. Talked to my kids, family and friends that are far from me and celebrated with my husband and son Diego that lives also in the Seattle area.

Hubby asked me what I wanted for dinner and my without-hesitating answer was: lasagna (I am original, ain't I?)... and for cake??? PECAN PIE.. If he is a master cooking those two (that are BTW my favorite) why to have something different???
Diego showed up looking like Santa full of gits.... A wonderful book: The United States Experience 1763 - 1815 (I love US history), a running earband and the best of all: Armwarmers!!!!!!


Backofpack said...

I have those same arm warmers and I love them! I wear them under long sleeved shirts, from elbow to wrist for extra warmth when I wear my running vest. Nice gift!

Happy, happy birthday! And congrats on the wine-fueled PR!

Petraruns said...

Wow! I love your prerace food of choice and that it works - this cheers me up no end! Welll done on your PR and happy happy birthday my love - enjoy those armwarmers.. NEed to get me some as well.

Susan said...

Happy 53rd!

Now I know the secret to running faster: wine. Maybe it will work for me, too! Last week's half martini seems to have helped my speed. LOL

MarathonChris said...

You are the running queen!!! Re: your note on my blog, to train for the Disney Goofy I run Sat AND Sun and run half the miles on Sat of my Sun long run. I get in 2 or 3 10/20 mile weekends. Instead of making my long run harder, many times the Sat run seems to prime the pump for the Sun run!

Good luck on your half marathon PR! I bet you could do a 2:15 if you were doing it on a flat course like Orlando's.

非凡 said...
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