Sunday, November 28, 2010

Seattle, My Must Do

When Thanksgiving week gets into town, Seattle hosts a marathon. And though you would ask, who wants to run a marathon after Thanksgiving in that cold and rainy weather, 17,000 runners say: We do.

My first marathon ever was Seattle, and as a first marathon it left in me that mark, like the first kiss, like the first love. It reserved a place that no other can take, or replace. It is engraved in the heart forever. My second marathon was Seattle and the improvement was abysmal. Then 2009 debacles came along and after not being able to train for marathons I trained for my first Half ever: Seattle. As a Half, it was a total different meaning and a total different love. Recorded.

By 2010, I decided to change marathon seasons and ran Eugene in the Spring. Registered in New York City Marathon thinking that the odds of getting in were very low, but I got in, I was IN. After NYCM, I made the hard decision to run in every state of our beautiful country. Because of that, I would not be able to run Seattle Marathon again, as I need the time and the energy for other states; however, the Half is there for me. I can still run a course that I know like the back of my hand, and the best of all, 100% of the marathon hills are available in the half course, so no worries, the training comes with all!!!  I did 2:34:39 using a strategy that obviously didn't work for me. I didn't follow the pace but ran by HR. The result was an 11-minute slower race than my Seattle course time (2:23:21 last year) but I am still happy. Last year Seattle Half was the race I trained for. With speed, tempo and long runs. And tapering. This year, it was just a training run, plus my first long run after NYCM.

Today Seattle hosted a field of 17,000 runners. I am happy to belong, and as life permits, I hope to always, be part of that field. Seattle, My Must Do.

6:45 am. Race starts at 7:30 am

Our Seattle icon, my gorgeous needle, behind awesome Experience Music Project (EMP) designed by Architect Frank Geary

At mile 13 I saw my son with this sign. He always runs with me the last mile. Due to his recent ACL surgery, he couldn't run, but he still was there. Hug and a Big Kiss...Thanks my son!!!

I am happy running road races week after week... until life permits.

The prior weekend (11/21/10) I ran the Green Lake Gobble, to see how I would perform in a 5K. As I've trained 32 weeks for two marathons I did not race but longer distances. My 5K PR is in this course 27:27 (2009) when I trained mainly speed. This year I finished in 29:03.

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Petraruns said...

Nice work LizzieLee and you're right - the first races ALWAYS hold a special place. Love all your racing and you just look SO happy!