Sunday, April 10, 2011

Seahawks Race Without The Seahawks

Latest races and 2-mile trials are pointing out the prediction of a very nice time for my 6th marathon, 5th state: Idaho... And I am still 7 weeks away...

Training is going fantastic, no complains, no injuries, no tiredness. To the contrary, every day I feel better and better, and faster!

This week's plan called for an 11-miler, with 8 miles at marathon race pace, which as I mentioned in a previous post, was calculated at 10:06 min/mile. There was a 12K race in town (7.5 miles) which would be perfect to simulate race pace. 

Plan was to run 3.5 miles prior to the race at a leisure pace, and then run the race to total my 11 miles. But I knew I could do better than 10:06. Last year, I ran this very same race at 9:54, but I wasn't sure if the 3.5 miles prior to the race would slow me down. Happily, they didn't.

I ran at a good effort, with an average HR of 169. The last miles (4-7) were tougher as we had headwinds. HR was above 172. The last burst  - 0.5 miles - was at 184. I happily clocked 1:10:48 for a 9:29 min/mile and 7/32 in my division. My PR for this distance is a 1998 PR of 1:07. I have never planned to beat a 13 year- old PR but ... it seems possible, doesn't it?

One of the highlights of this race is that is a Seahawks race. We run through the Seahawks training camp by Lake Washington and Seahawks players hand us the water. But this year, the NFL lockout guaranteed a Seahawks Race Without The Seahawks.

Congratulations to my friend Chris who completed today the 100 days challenge (running 100 days in a row)

W/Marie Spengler. We are in the same team for Ragnar Relay Jul 2011

W/Benny Benefiel another constant face in Western WA races

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