Sunday, February 24, 2013


After doing an evaluation of my training and results last week, I realized that I had lost anaerobic capacity. The HMs were costing me a little bit more than during the last quarter of 2012. I recognized that it is because I have done only  a handful of anaerobic work after St. George (STG). Then I told to myself, or you do your Yassos, or you do your Yassos. 

The 800s is more an anaerobic than aerobic work, but it’s a well-balanced distance because you must have anaerobic power for speed, and must have aerobic power to race it. Imagine if you have to do 10 of them!. Of course you are not racing them but you want to run them as fast as you can keeping each of them at the same pace (or close); you want to do them consistent).

On Feb 14 I ran a short run in the morning planning on 5 Yassos in the afternoon. After work, I went to the lockers and decided "no, I won’t do them, I’ll rest." When I came back to my desk, I knew that I was simply afraid of doing them. I wasn’t tired, I didn’t need to rest, I was just afraid of running the distance which is hard, and I was more afraid of not being able to keep up with my pre-STG paces. Then I said: "You’re such an idiot."

I went back to the lockers, changed to running gear, and went to the track. Plan: 5 Yassos. Go do it. I warmed up and after my first Yasso, I knew how off I was: 15 to 20 seconds. That’s a lot considering is half a mile. Next message to myself: "Keep doing them, better being 20 seconds off than not doing them at all." I completed 6 to exceed my own expectations and give me a pat in the back (equivalent to a cookie for a dog). Results were 3:40 - 3:35 - 3:41 - 3:35 - 3:39 - 3: 38. Prior to STG on my same week of training the Yassos were: 3:27 - 3:25 - 3:25 - 3:25 - 3:20. The conclusion was “You have work to do!”

This week, I went for 7 Yassos. I ran 8 (I wanted that cookie). They were pretty much consistent with last week’s:  3:28 - 3:37 - 3:34 - 3:44 - 3:44 - 3:40 - 3:40 - 3:38, still off compared to the very same week prior to STG (3:17 - 3:20 - 3:22 - 3:23 - 3:24 - 3:24) but at least I was working my heart out (and legs) instead of being afraid. 

Curiously, after the 6 Yassos I ran a great HM in Birch Bay. What happened was that the Yassos reminded me how the anaerobic breathing was. I ran very hard the second half of Birch Bay but not uncomfortable, and I had great negative splits of (57:20 1st Half; 54:16 2nd Half). Then this weekend I ran a 15-miler race and it felt easier from the start without even breathing too hard. I was surprise with the speed change. Coincidence? I don’t know, but next week I’ll go for 9, with one under the sleeve to achieve 10 (and get the cookie). I am so happy that I battled the fear calling 1-800-10YASSO.

Race #190 - First Call President's Day Half Marathon - Bothell, WA - Feb 16, 2013 - 1:57:15 - 8:58 min/mile. First half ran at 9:10 (1:00:00), second half ran at 8:45 (57:15). Adrian Call had a nice fire ready for us to get warm after the race.

The course was longer than a 13.1 course. My splits (measured against the trail posts) indicated that they were in the 1st half around 9 min/mile and in the 2nd half between 8:08 and 8:40. People with GPS told me it was 0.2 longer.

Race #191 - Birch Bay Half Marathon - Birch Bay, WA - Feb 17, 2013 - 1:51:36 - 8:32 min/mile. EXCELLENT RACE, great splits. Felt awesome ALL the way. Pouring rain from mile 5 to 8.5.

The best part: Have you ever been pulled over by a cop while running a race? Well, ME!!!. Coming down the hill after mile 8 at 6:55 min/mile and under heavy rain: I decided to cross the road before it was supposed to be crossed. A cop saw me and took his radio/megaphone, and yelled: "Runners must face traffic." I kept going because I was pretty close to the intersection, and he goes: "Runner 135, cross the road. You must face traffic." The next thing I hear is a car coming at full speed and stopping by me. "Cross the road!." Darn it, I did, to cross it back again 100 yards later. I was thinking "If he pulls me over, I ain't stopping".

1- 9:17
2- 8:30
3- 9:11
4- 8:41
5- 8:21
6- 8:41
7- 9:10
8- 9:11
9- 6:55
10- 8:16
11- 8:38
12- 8:00
13- 7:53
13.1 - 0:47 (7:53)

Race #192 - Ft. Steilacoom 15 miles/24Km - Steilacoom, WA - Feb 23, 2013 - 2:11:04 - 8:45 min/mile. Great run, but was pretty much wiped out after mile 9...PR by 18 min. In 2011 I ran this race in 2:49, in 2012 in 2:29, so I was planning running this one in 2:09 for another 20 min cut. At the turn around I was exactly in 1:04:30 but I knew I was going to lose some ground. 2 min that I could care less. I am very happy! (and got the division)!

1- 8:48
2- 8:37
3- 8:50
4- 8:10
5- 8:22
6- 8:42
7- 8:43
8- 8:43
9- 8:54
10- 8:38
11- 8:58
12- 9:23 (that hill!)
13- 8:40
14- 9:01
15- 8:27

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Anonymous said...

Nice ones Lizzie! I recognise the fear of speed - I feel it very much myself - but you've got to face it and do it. And you have done. Excellent work my love - it works!