Friday, February 15, 2013

2013 Is Rolling

Running and races, races and running. The year is moving fast and I am training for Boston... A blink of an eye, almost two months have passed, and I have not blogged at all. So, no stories today, just a quick account on my running and races.

White Elephant 5 miler was the start race of the year on January 6th in the state capital. I ran a good race, with a one-minute PR but couldn't maintain my 10K pace. Mile 4 to 5 was an  uphill battle towards the Capitol, and it felt eternal and heavy. After that race I traveled to Miami for a Workshop with no races available on the area so a weekend went blank. In top of that, I got sick with food poisoning at the hotel where I stayed. The whole crew that was with me in the Workshop (about 60 people) had the same food I had but I was the only one... so I can't blame it on the food "in general".

When I flew back home, Nookachamps, my first Half Marathon of the year was waiting for me.  had a terrible week after leaving my heart and soul in a bathroom in Florida, almost being sent to the hospital, and spending 36 hours in bed. My body had very hard time consuming food and water after that and I was still dehydrated by race day. With all that, I had good splits till mile 8, when I started fading. I finished in 1:55:00 - 8:47 min/mile and 9th place in the division. My friend Eric Hanson cared so much and provided me Gatorade at the end of the race in my way to recovery.  I think the results were great all things considered. The greatest discovery of all was that with the freezing temperatures we had (26F/-3C) ski gloves could be used for running. My cold hands problem has been solved. 

Tukwila to Alki Half Marathon was next on Jan 26; point to point where Eric H. and I managed to have one car at the start and one at the finish. It was an open course and without mile markers and no watch, I had no idea of pace, or distance; I only went by feel. As soon as I entered in Alki trail I knew we were about 4 miles from the finish line. I pushed the pace to a tempo run, and I am pretty sure my last 3 miles were under 8. I couldn't feel better. At about mile 11 I was approaching and passing two guys when one of the organizers was driving by. He yelled at the guys: YOU'RE BEING CHICKED. I was running hard, but, boy, if I got a greater incentive to run harder. I just flew. I think I got more than a minute ahead of the guys. The organizer didn't waste a second to document the chick action! I finished in 1:52:37 - 8:36 min/mile. The temperature was very nice (41F/5C).
Here she comes!
She is GONE!

Following day, on Jan 27 I ran a 5K to honor Officer Jayme Biendl who was killed by a Monroe prison inmate, on Jan 29, 2011. As I climbed the hill towards the prison and ran through it, I got the chills. I ran in 22:39 for a 7:16 min/mile and I was the first lady. I measured the course later, and it was 3 miles, and as I am very strict with myself I can't claim this as a PR. I will wait until I do this very same time or better at a certified course. 

Then a couple of 25K races. West Seattle Fat Ass 25K (15.53 miles) on Feb 03 and 1,000,000 inches (25.4K) on Feb 10. 

West Seattle Fat Ass was a fabulous run in one of the most scenic areas in town: 25K all along the gorgeous sound. Priceless. I felt good all the run, never tired, or desperate. It was a wonderful day to share with friends, and throw ourselves into the fireplace afterwards. Boy, it was cold!  I ran it in 2:21:37 for a 9:07 min/mile. 4th place female (no beer for me - that was the prize: home-brewed beer!!!).  

Million Inch (25.4K) run was another great race where I felt as good as West Seattle's. This race was a tad longer and I ran it a little bit faster. The race director, Steve Barrick, always puts good races. I felt awesome all the race, and Luis accompanied this time again. I had a good kick at the end but it was a little bit late though. I finished in 2:20:08 for an 8:53 min/mile. The temperature was perfect (40F/4C). I finished that week logging 60 miles/96K  which tells me that my legs are getting the endurance.

As you can see my friends, 2013 Is Rolling!!!

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