Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Project Management for Runners

Phase I - Week One
05/28/07 - 06/03/07
Week Total: 3 miles

As a professional Project Manager I thought that PM tools could help me to get out of my ZERO-week lazy mood. I received some sort of empowerment during Memorial Day Weekend, and got really serious. First thing I did was to prepare my integrated plan (Oh My God, Alejandra must be saying" "Mom, you are pathetically sick if putting project management tools for this" but that's ok, I am a PM geek.

I divided my training plan in two phases. Phase One consisting on walking/running (w/r) several sets for 10-week to increase gradually resistance and running miles. This phase needs to be shorten to 9 weeks, due to Zero week. Phase Two, is a 16-week marathon plan, for tempo, speed and distance. My integrated plan includes, of course, the diet. I also built a schedule, as I already ate one week spiced with laziness. I have to be very efficient with 25 weeks left. The schedule shows me on a daily basis if the "deliverables" (read, if I was not lazy that day and did not eat as a pig) have been achieved....

Mon in Long Beach, CA. Awesome. Running on the beach was some sort of heaven. I felt like the women of Pablo Picasso. Tue, Thu & Sat also on the beach, running against the wind, literally, like Bob Seger!!!!!!. It is delicious to feel the wind and the sun on my face. Wed, Fri & Sun rest (very different that I don't want to...)

Week 1 - 4 days: 1w x 1r (12sets) - Over

Lessons Learned:
Planning is the key.

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