Saturday, June 9, 2007

The Last Eyelet of Your Shoe

Phase I - Week Two
06/04/07 - 06/10/07
Week Total: 4 miles

This week was the foot-sock-shoe adaptation week.

I had thought that after Phase I (10 weeks) I would buy the perfect pair of shoes. In the mean time, I was planning to continue with my Saucony Jazz and my Nike. But they were causing me continuous pain here and there, on ankles, shins, Achilles, you name it. I decided to find right away the perfect shoes for me. I went to "Runners High", a specialized running store in Long Beach, CA and told them
"I need the best pair of running shoes, don't care the brand, don't care the look, don't care how much they cost. I only care about having no pain". When Robin saw my severe left foot over-pronation, she brought 3 pairs of shoes designed for that. Asics Gel Kayano 13 were the best, to the point, that my ankle looked almost perpendicular to my foot, and that's a lot to say. I ran around the store block and they felt very light. They felt like a glove. My Saucony and Nike then felt like bricks. Bye-bye Saucony (my favorite brand for more than a decade). I bought the Asics.

After two days of running, they did not feel right. My ankles were fine, but my toes were dancing in the toe-box. I felt they were bigger than they should.

Went back to "Runners High", told them I worn them twice but they feel big. Ben (this time no Robin) gave me a 1/2-size smaller shoe. They felt perfect. Exchanged them. Bought thinner socks.

The following day at the gym, after 5 minutes, my toes were in place but this time my ankles were dancing all over. Then, I remembered Robin's advice, which fixed the dance:
"Always tie the shoelace through the last eyelet of your shoe."

Week 2 - 4 days: 1w x 2r (8) - Over and totally successful. I am running with the best shoes ever.

Lessons Learned:
Gear and Shoes are key resources from the beginning.

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