Sunday, June 17, 2007

Running Among Heroes

Phase I - Week Three
06/11/07 - 06/17/07
Week Total: 7 miles

Three weeks in three states. California, Washington, and most importantly Virginia.

The excellent and funny Runner's World July article "Sullivan’s Travels", written by Robert Sullivan, encouraged me to run in the states I visit for business, not at a gym, but on their streets.

My first week of my marathon training occurred in California, the second week in Washington State, and the third in Virginia. From sunny Long Beach, to rainy Seattle, to historic Arlington.

The last city was definitely the best. I had the honor of running among heroes, both dead and alive. Heroes I admire. At 5:15 am, with my shoes on, I headed toward the U.S. Marine Corps Memorial - Iwo Jima, and the Arlington National Cemetery. Fort Myer troops were running at that time. They and the heroes buried at Arlington accompany my run. It was a stunning experience. One I will definitely relive every time I come back to Arlington.

Week 3 - 4 days: 1w x 3r (6) - From coast to coast!

Lessons Learned:
Motivation is the key to wake up, get up, lace'em up and run.

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