Saturday, July 21, 2007

Between the Mountains and the Sea

Phase I - Week Eight
07/16/07 - 07/22/07
Week Total: 7 miles
I was born and grew up between the mountains and the sea. Always wondered which of the two I liked more, as if was needed to make a decision. But my structured mind required that decision.

When I hiked (that happened to be daily), the cozy roof made of dense vegetation, under the dew on the leaves, the smell of the plants and the wet soil made me say:
"Yes, the mountains are my favorite." But when I went to the beach, I died for being hours laid down on the sand, swimming & playing with the waves, and having dinner at the marinas enjoying the warm sea breeze. Then I said: "No, the mountains aren't. The sea is my favorite. I am as restless as the ocean is."

I was leaving with that incongruent situation for almost 30 years. But one day being at Naiguata, the highest summit (9,069 ft / 2,765 m) of
the Venezuelan Coastal Range which run east and west along the coast of the Caribbean Sea, I had the fortune to see over my left shoulder down below, the magnificent city of 6 million, and over my right shoulder, the ocean. That moment was unique, and it was recorded forever in my life. The question of favoritism ended, and I understood that I loved both the same.

This running week happened between the mountains and the sea. The first part of the week was in my home state (Washington), running by the woods, among tall trees, dense vegetation, and enjoying the smell of wet soil and plants. The end of the week occurred in my second home, in Long Beach, CA: running by the beach very early in the morning, enjoying the ocean mist and the salt sea smell.

Could I ask for more?

Long Beach Running Trail

Week 8 - 2 days: 19r + 1 day: 24r + 1 day: 28r

Lessons Learned:
1) I got to the point that I can run beyond what the plan has established, without compromising anything (Plan this week was 15r but I started with 19r and ended with 28r)

2) Wear your running shoes for walking if you need to.

My Asics Gel Kayano 13 have helped me A LOT with my severe overpronation (especially my left foot, see Phase I-Week 2). I worn yesterday my Saucony just to walk downtown Long Beach. My left ankle was in constant pain. I woke up the following day with the pain. I was concerned. Laced my Asics up, went running, and NO PAIN. Conclusion: The Asics support my ankles in a way that other shoes don't.

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