Friday, July 13, 2007

My Guys at Sunrise, My Guys at Sunset

Phase I - Week Seven
07/09/07 - 07/15/07
Week Total: 8.5 miles (+6.5 miles walking)

Back to the Nation's Capital, my runs were dedicated to my guys, my heroes.

The first day (rest day) was not so restful. I was in DC for business reasons, but had some free personal time. I went to the National Mall to go back in time when I visited DC for first time with my dear sis Sarah, in 1980. I walked @ the hottest time, 5pm, from the U.S. Capitol to Lincoln Memorial, and then headed to the Arlington Cemetery, Iwo Jima and my hotel, the Hyatt Arlington. The walk was approx. 4 miles but under 100F and 100% humidity. The air quality code was elevated to orange. It was declared unhealthy. The Washington Post quoted on Tuesday 07/10:
"It feels like 100 or 120... It was hot, very hot: Sweat glistened on the faces of determined tourists; ice melted quickly in vendors' carts... A Code Orange day indicating unhealthy air quality was declared in the region for yesterday and today. On such days, the main pollutant, ground-level ozone gas, develops when hot weather cooks a mixture of pollutants from exhaust fumes, power plant smoke and other sources" .

When I crossed the Potomac, I called my hubby and let him know that if I jumped into the river, it was not suicide but desperation. When I got back to the Hyatt Arlington I almost collapsed. I drank 2 Gatorades like if I have never had liquid before.

Following day at 5:30 am it was already hot, but I was ready to run and visit my guys. I relived my recent past experience of running by Iwo Jima, and the Arlington Cemetery (see Week 3).

Fortunately, the rest of the week cooled off and I did extend some of the runs around the Potomac.

I concluded my business trip with another walk (this time 2.5 miles at nicer temperatures ~85F) from Arlington to Georgetown. I got that nice feeling when I got to M street. It was as full of life as twenty seven years ago. It was a very pleasant experience.

My Guys at Sunrise

My Guys at Sunset

Week 7 - 3 days: 1w x 9r (2) + 2 days: 1w x 12r + 1wx7r

Lessons Learned:
1) Stick to the route you know. I extended my run to the Potomac, and saw how my destination was getting farther. Didn't find an immediate way to get out of the river path. Consequence: I had to run back, doubling my training that day.

Stick to the socks you know work best: I ran one day of the week with thinner than my normal running socks. Consequence: Dancing ankles.

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