Saturday, August 11, 2007

Music, Beats and Endorphins

Phase II - Regressive Count - Week Sixteen
08/06/07 - 08/12/07
Week Total: 24.4

Speed, Tempo and Distance as part of Phase II made me wonder how I would be able to do any kind of tempo and/or cover distances greater than 6 miles.

Music was the answer. Downloaded to my iPod more than 160 beats-per-minute songs which gave me the ability to push myself and keep a steady pace. Endorphins were working. I enjoyed the distance running on the external trail on Green Lake, which is 3.2 miles, a little bit longer than the internal, 2.8 miles.

On Sunday I ran 10 miles, my longest run ever. It went good the first 6 miles, but just a few yards before mile 6 I felt an acute pain on my left side. I believed I didn't digest completely my breakfast. After some breathing exercise the pain was gone. But, in addition, the music was a disaster. The hard beat songs were at the beginning, the slow ones in the middle, so my pace was all messed up. Need to work on that.

The metrics provided by Runners World Training Log tell me if my pace improves over time and over type of training.

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