Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Pouring Rain

Phase II - Regressive Count - Week Fifteen
08/13/07 - 08/19/07
Week Total: 22.8

It is not strange, rare at all, that it rains in Seattle. And we, Seattleites, not even during summer, are exempt of rain. But the pouring rain we had last Sunday was too much for a summer day, to the point I thought my training was gonna be under the universal deluge.

I went to Seward Park to run 12 miles around Lake Washington. As "raindrops kept falling on my head" the hood of my jacket was of no use. I was not successful either avoiding puddles. When I wasn't looking, my feet were just submerged in a nice big one. When I ended my mileage I was drenched. I was changing clothes in the bathroom's park and I felt like if I swam for a couple of hours on the Lake with my clothes and shoes on.

However, the experience was all positive. The probabilities that will rain during Marathon day are ALL, considering that 1) always rains in Seattle and 2) Washington State receives the highest rain fall
during November. So, training under rain for a Seattle marathon is a must. The smell of the rain and the rain in my face have always been a nice sensation to me. Just a handful of runners were around the lake and we felt that camaraderie of challenging the divine liquid. But better than everything was the Danskin Triathlon which route was in Lake Washington Blvd. It was really nice seeing hundred of women putting a lot of effort to complete it.

In another order, I bought a second pair of the wonderful Gel Kayano 13 and plan to break them in during my short runs.

Also, good to comment that I have had for 3 consecutive weeks, a pain around my left hip flexor. The doctor told me on Monday it could be a stress fracture... ???? I don't believe it. Of course, X-Rays were scheduled, with a possible MRI, depending on the results. What about a p
ulled muscle? or lack of stretching? That makes more sense to me. We'll see.

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