Saturday, August 4, 2007

No This, No That

Phase I - Week Ten
07/30/07 - 08/05/07
Week Total: 17.5 miles

Even though I am a very positive person, I surrounded this week with negative things.

Prior week with 16 miles ended badly. I was poisoned with an overdose of something I prefer not to mention. So this week started slow, and I did not feel well throughout. In top of that I had a bunch of No this, No that.

1) No husband: I came back to Washington to be separated again from my adorable husband who knows till when.
2) No short drives to work. I had to go back to the routine of driving 60 miles/1.5-2hrs a day to do the route home-work-home.
3) No water. I realized that during this week I drank only 4 glasses of water, 1 glass of milk, and 5 cups of coffee.
4) No food. I also realized that I had lost my appetite with the consequence of daily headaches. In top of that I realized that I have 9 more pounds that when I was 9-month pregnant with my Alejandra. This was a shocking revelation. So, I would like to have... 26 pounds less?.
5) No motivation of continuing running around Lake Serene, as the lap is too short. Having to run at least 4 miles per training day, I cannot see myself running lap after lap after lap.
6) No speed. Ok, I don't plan to do time but finishing, however I feel terrible slow. If I keep running slow, I would master running slow.

I could not fix #1 and #2 for the moment, so I put that in my pipe and smoked it.

#3 & #4 were residues obviously of my poison situation. I did not want to ingest anything. I attacked the issues forcing myself to have a bottle of water per hour and a yogurt or fruit every 2 hours. In regards my weight, I recognize that I am still thin and a lean person. However "the inexplicable weight gain" (READ: aging, perimenopause, GETTING OLD) is just killing me. I normally eat well, maybe around 1500-1700 cals a day, a lot of carbs, very little fat and my proteins. Eating less I cannot do. That would be unhealthy, so I would bear with the weight... Would I? I still want to get rid of 26 lbs.

For #5, I went during the weekend to Green Lake & Alki Beach. The former is one of the
"Seattle’s most beloved parks". With a running trail of 2.8 miles, it changes its character throughout the course. Alki is one of my favorite spots in Seattle. Also with a 2.8 miles trail, the run by the beach is accompanied by the sea-salt smell, the view of the sound with ships, boats, and sailboats, and the beauty of Seattle skyline.

For #6, even though I ran on Saturday about 3 minutes faster for a particular distance, Sunday was again slow... Something to think about it. Still 16 weeks to go

Nice Green Lake Aerial Picture from a Seattle guy studying at Ohio State.

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