Sunday, January 30, 2011

Alea Iacta Est

I always have said I am like a mule, once I know a path, why to change it? If something works really well, why to do it differently? If a dish is delicious why to order some other that could disappoint me? I like to go for the sure thing... In short... Why to fix it, if not broken?

Though I adapt well to change, I only change things because circumstances that I can't control. Or, because after a thorough thought process I have come to the conclusion that change might be positive (this has happened very seldom).

As a dumb example, I had light brown hair in my teens (with some copper tones). All my friends, and family recommended me to get highlights. I wanted to do it, but was afraid of the change.  When 32, I went to the hair salon and got my highlights. It took me SIXTEEN years to go for the change.

For the last 4 years I have faced a similar situation. I wanted to hire a coach after going from a 5:54 marathon in 2007 to a 5:17 in 2008. I thought that if without much knowledge and change on training I improved almost 40 minutes, I could get heck of a help with an expert. I did some coach shopping but never dared to hire one.

In 2009 I knew who I wanted to hire, but was afraid of the change. What if? what if? what if? Then Eugene came along in 2010 with a 5:06 PR, a bone bruise kept me under-trained for a 5:10 in NY and 8 weeks after, Jan 2011, and without training, I clocked a 4:59 in Arizona... A PR.

Arizona results were the key. Though a 4:59 marathon could be a slow marathon for a lot of people, it is, age-grade calculated, a 4:00 marathon for somebody in the open division. It puts me in the 56 percentile. And because I ran without effort, I knew there is, in figure of speech, fat to lean out. A coach, I firmly believe, would be the best butcher to trim that fat out.

So, after three years I made the final decision, or... I dared to face the man. I met him last Tue, talked about what I need and asked for help to get me out of my comfort zone. Ran with his group a tempo run, felt more than wonderful, and signed "the contract".

A coach has been hired. As we say in English, the die is cast... as in one of my favorite languages Alea Iacta Est. 


The race of the week: Run For Tina. A 5K-run in honor of Tina DeLong Griswold, Lakewood PD Officer, killed in the line of duty.

This was a Washington State tragedy that occurred on Nov 29, 2009. A man entered in a coffee shop and killed 4 police officers that were prepping for their daily work. It was our 9/11, shocking. It took us a while to recover.

The race was a success, no matter the rain!!! God bless Tina, and every Law Enforcement Officer that serves us.

BTW, I PR with a 26:43!!!! and without coaching yet...

Tina DeLong Griswold

Tina DeLong Griswold


Backofpack said...

Oh my gosh! I was volunteering at Run for Tina! How come we didn't see each other? I was handing out bibs for the R-S last names. My husband was out on the course by the lake. I can't believe we missed each other yet again!

Petraruns said...

I LOVE how you're racing with your kids. And you look about the same age too girl!

Also - I cannot - cannot recommend training with a coach highly enough. It is truly the smart thing to do. You will NOT regret it.

I love how you race all the time. You just take life and drink it dont you? I love it.