Saturday, January 22, 2011

Running Lessons

Though I wanted to run a marathon every eight weeks, I didn't find anything close to home for a March race. NV has one (Red Rock Canyon) but I am afraid is a real "canyon". Eight weeks is not enough time to get those hills on me. I accommodated the schedule and planned one in 18 weeks, on May 29th: Coeur D'Alene, ID. This place is pretty much in my backyard and will be about a 5-hour drive. Hubby will go with me, taking his boat to go fishing in his territory.

This week I wanted to have a good recovery from AZ and planned to run very little though I wasn't sore, and/or didn't have any pain. My extremely fast recovery is certainly a gift, but I still respect the distance and the muscle damage that I don't see or feel, but I know it comes included with a 26.2 doses. I ran 3 very easy miles on Tue, and ran a 10-mile race today (resolution run series in Ft. Steilacoom). Daughter joined me to run the other distance in the series, a 10K. I planned my 10-miles as an LSD, but started faster than 10K pace. The field that runs these races is very fast, and it was hard to avoid going bananas at the beginning of the race. Of course I paid the price. On a nice 39F, partly sunny day, I was spent at mile 5. The second half was a miracle. I still got an avg LSD pace, but that was not the way to achieve it. For me, an even pace is the way. This happens very seldom to me, but heck, every day teaches us a lesson and I treasure every one of them, especially if they are Running Lessons. 

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