Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Year Ends... A Year Starts

I love the end of a running year to collect all my stats and see how it went. Though is something I can tell throughout the months, just having all the numbers together gives me a better picture of how wonderful 2010 was for me.

Here are my stats... and I am proudly keeping my title of a "Racing Fool".

1,140 miles / 1,820 Km 

31 races:
  • Two Marathons
  • One 30K
  • One 15-Miler
  • 14 Half-Marathons
  • Two Ten-Milers
  • Two 12K
  • Five 10K
  • One 8K
  • Three 5K
One injury (bone bruise due to a small accident) which sidelined me for 3 months.

    I closed the year the way I like it, running a half-marathon on New Years Eve. It was a fantastic race, at 27F / -3C, with the beautiful scenery of the Olympic Mountains. The event was organized six weeks prior to the 31st as a 30-person run, but ended as a race with 282 runners. It was a success.

    2010 was definitely a successful running year, being the highlight events the two marathons: Eugene, Running in the footsteps of legends, and New York, confirming that the best of times is now.

    My new goal, set after NYC marathon, is the 50/50.  I will continue racing as a fool. I will continue dedicating my weekends to get up at whatever hour is needed, to drive as many miles are needed, to get to whatever race is available. I just love it, and that is the fuel that keeps me going.

    2011 is here, the race calendar is filling up pretty quick and the racing started. A nice White Elephant 5-miler with my beautiful daughter around our state capitol. Gorgeous!!! And I was so lucky that I won a pair of running shoes... Oh, and I PRd....

    A Year Ends... A Year Starts... 

    Last race of the year 2010. Yukon Do It Half Marathon - New Years Ever, Port Orchard, WA

    First race of 2011. White Elephant 5-miler, Olympia, WA (And I PRd, BTW)


    ShirleyPerly said...

    AMAZING how many races you did even with the injury that sidelined you for 3 months. Look forward to following your 50/50 journey and seeing more lovely photos of you running and smiling. Best of luck in 2011!

    Susan said...

    31 races!?! Wow - that is the most impressive 2010 stat I have heard!