Sunday, July 15, 2012

Running For Champagne

 Week 13 - Phase I - Build up - Core Workout: Hills
 07/09/12 - 07/15/12
 Week Total: 53.2

I added a new twist to my training plan. It’s ambitious. Let’s see how the execution goes. I am running to/from work three days a week. Yes, I am commuting by foot. These additional miles will be above and beyond my regular plan, so I hope to be peaking at very high mileage. Mondays are used to take a week's worth of clothes and food to the office, and Friday to bring back the clothes and empty lunch box.

I am using the same plan I used for Big Sur, based on David Holt’s but extensively modified according to my needs, my schedule, and what my body says. The plan is super flexible. For example, if I run longer in the mornings just because is a good morning, I may cancel my afternoon run. I am including hills in one of these runs; I will combine track work in my way home, as I have conveniently 2 tracks one mile from work. Tempo will be done in races; I will throw to the mix 5Ks for faster/shorter workouts. I am also doing core workout when I get to the gym after my morning run and before starting my workday. Yes, I am lucky, I have a small gym with lockers and showers at the work place. So not to take advantage of all the things I have at hand would be stupid.

So far, I feel fantastic. I am starting building up my base, and hope to finish the training season stronger and not pathetically crumbled.

The race of the week was See Jane Run. The race not only had rivers of champagne at the end of the race, but all 1st  place winners, in all age categories, received a pair of Newton Running shoes.

Last year’s Teresa Sato won my division with 1:46:36. She was running it again this year, so I knew I didn’t stand a chance. I would run for a second place. Then, I saw Olympian Regina Joyce at the start line. The best I could place now was 3rd  place. My legs weren’t fresh. They had run 40 miles already during the week, but I still went for the best run I could run. Weather was great (beyond ridiculous for summer – overcast, misty, windy and low 50’s at the start). I did good but lost some ground from mile 9 to 11. Still tried to push it fighting for the 3rd place, but didn’t get it. I lost the spot by about 30 seconds and got 4th place, clocking 1:56:12 for 8:53 pace. I had fun (not as much as I had with my friend Susanne Mooney last year). I got a nice massage and got really spoiled. That’s the best part when you are Running For Champagne. 

Mile – Pace - HR
1-     9:06 – 84%
2-     8:52 – 83%
3-     8:20 – 86%
4-     8:15 – 86%
5-     8:53 – 81%
6-     8:54 – 87%
7-     8:36 – 91%
8-     9:02 – 93%
9-     8:42 – 91%
10- 9:05 – 93%
11- 9:05 – 93%
12- 8:54 – 91%
13- 8:42 – 96%
13.1 – 0:51 – 97%

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