Sunday, July 1, 2012

Running Honeymoon With Toronto

I’ve been absent. A trip to Toronto for family matters and my daughter’s one-month visit changed my days’ activities. I didn’t train at all, but not training didn’t mean not running. What it means is that there were no hills’ workout, no track, no tempo. There were simply “runs”, absent of any training qualitative, runs done just for the pleasure of running. Ah, and of course there were races (A 5K at High Park where I won the division and beat the guys as well!!!) .

I was at my niece’s home during my stay offering the help I could give and enjoying the opportunity to be with family, but at 5 am, every other day I’d go running, from 5 to 12 miles. I ran wandering throughout the city, which I got to know well. I ran north, east, south, west. I ran at 90F and at 50's (Yes, very hot when I arrived, to fortunately dropping to more comfortable temperatures). I ran mostly under the rain (what's new). I ran in a monsoon day. That particular day on June 1st, it rained like hell with winds of 40mph. I ran 12 miles that day, and while running by Lake Ontario I thought the wind was going to throw me at it. Rain was so bad that water gushed into Union Station flooding it. It was insane. But I am used to rain. I loved it all. 

Some runs were done with an absolute purpose where I used my legs as a means of transportation; like going to the kosher store 3 miles away to buy kosher stuff. Run out, shop, and run back; packed the products in a fanny pack or on my back.

After these fabulous runs I asked myself, why don’t I run like that in my own place? What is the difference? Why a long run in a new place is done freely with the sensation of being in heaven and, why long runs at home feel sometimes like a burden? Why do I drive to the grocery store one mile away? Why do I drive to work just four miles from my doorstep?

Was it because it was a new thing, a new affair? Am I missing something? Was it a Running Honeymoon With Toronto?

Charlitos, the reason of my visit
5K @ High Park
I got first place

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