Thursday, July 5, 2012

Simply Nothing

After Toronto, I kept the training break. Again, this didn’t mean that I didn’t run, it meant I didn’t train for hills, speed, track, tempo, not organized routine whatsoever. I only did my nice 5 miles with Michelle and my Half Marathon races.

A week after I arrived from Toronto I had back to back Half Marathons: June 16 Berry Dairy in Burlington, and June 17, Vancouver USA. My beloved daughter accompanied me to both of them making the trips much easier. Berry Dairy was a completely wet run, from start to finish. We had a lovely constant rain with temperature of 52F. Perfect for me. I loved it. I went out of my comfort zone running with a young kid for a couple of miles from 5 to 7, and of course, the price was paid. I felt heavy afterwards, not to mention there were a couple of miles ran over rocks, no paved road. Guess what? I am not really good at this. Other than these rocks in my way, I had a good run. I clocked 1:55:29 and got 4th in the division.

Following day I drove to Vancouver, WA, 3 ½ hours away from home. As there was no packet pickup on race day, Bart made me the huge favor to pick it up for me the day before. We met at the lobby of the hotel and had a good and long chat. We parted our ways, he to work, me to run, and with beautiful Ale on my side I left for my second run of the weekend. While I ran, the only thing that came to my mind where the memories from last year race which I ran with my good friend Chris from Florida. The race was hard as it was hot and sunny, nothing to do with the mist and 50’s from the day before. It was mid 60’s and I fried. I clocked 1:58:08 and got again 4th in the division.

Following week I had the Seattle Rock & Roll, a big race in the PNW with 20,000+ runners. I liked the course, which was changed from last year. It was low 50’s overcast and not as muggy as the year before, so the long I-90 0.8-mile tunnel was breathable this time. I clocked 1:57:26 and got 14th place in a field of 428 females in the division.

To finish my period of NOT training I did nothing during the following weekend June 30/July 1. I did that because my marathon training for Utah would start right away.

My training break was nice, very nice. I slept in, I rested, and I feel I did nothing, Simply Nothing.

Berry Dairy Half Marathon - Burlington, WA
Berry Dairy Half Marathon - Burlington, WA
With Bart, Vancouver, USA
Vancouver, USA
Seattle Rock&Roll
Seattle Rock&Roll

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