Sunday, September 2, 2012

A Frustrated Goal

Week 7 - Phase II - Core Workout: Anaerobic Threshold -
08/20/12 - 08/26/12 -
Week Total:  50.2 -

The Yasso's are the hardest workout for me but I consider they are a great way to measure fitness. This week I did 6x800, and though I lost a little bit of ground I was happy (I always AM). 3:17 - 3:20 - 3:22 - 3:23 - 3:24 - 3:24. 

As part of my speed workouts I also threw in this week a 5K with a very high goal. I had to run 7:16 min/mile for a 22:33 race what would put me in National Class for my age. 

The race selected was Alki Beach Run, an out-and-back, straight line and flat. The weather was perfect: low 60's, and a nice sea breeze. I arrived very early as usual, ran a couple of miles as warm up including a handful of strides. Let the oxygen flow, and went (nervous I confess) to try to get what I was looking for. I went with HR 91% for the first mile and clocked 7:15. I was able to pick up the pace, set my HR in 93% and I knew I had this. I was running so hard, that I thought "I don't want to run a 5K ever again". When I was expecting that was time for the turn around, we were still going forward. Where is it? I got there at 12min 20 sec. That didn't make any sense; that was a high 24-minute run. I was running faster than mile 1 for sure, but when I got to mile 2 I definitely thought that the race was screwed up. I clocked 9:20 for the 2nd mile. This was not possible. I run my half marathons at 8:30-8:45. I lost concentration, and decreased my speed, and crossed the finish line in 24:53 - 8:02 min/mile. I was puzzled and clueless. I recently ran a 5K on Seattle hills in 23:33. This run was on a pancake course. I ran last week a 10K at 7:44. I had been running 1/2 miles at 6:50 pace. I started asking to other runners and everybody told me the course was longer. Somebody told me he wanted his money back. I would not ask for my money back because is a cancer run, I would not even ask for an adjustment on the time, because I gave up last mile, so my adjusted time would not be what I went for either. 

Well, it happens that Alki Beach 5K Run Course Marshall placed the turnaround cone in the wrong spot and the course was almost a quarter mile long. It's hard to believe, especially when this was a certified course. As The Silver Strider published it: All the times were consequently way off, negating any chance for changes in the Top 10 for 2012.

I talked to the organizers and they mentioned that when the route was measured, pins were placed in the concrete; the pin for the start/finish, 1st & 2nd mile were in place, but the pin at the T/A was gone. They told me they are taking steps to make sure the route is completely accurate in the future. 
It was hard for me to let go. I am glad there was a big crowd of running friends and together we enjoyed The Silver Strider crew post race party. After goodbyes, I continue running along the beach and went to complete a 20 miler. Good mileage for the week, but A Frustrated Goal.
Alki Beach Run 5K

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